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Lucky me, lucky you! Forest Records has released a brand-spanking new compilation with 22 great tracks featuring many of your (soon-to-be) favorite artists. There’s even two poems of mine — one with the brilliant St. Jude’s Infirmary performed live at the Ten Tracks Halloween Bash and one from Red Like Our Room Used to feel with Ragland.

But, more exciting than my contribution is the long-awaited release of songs like Mikel Krumins’ “Zombie Girl”, Silk’s “Mr Creepy” plus many more jems!

You can stream the whole cd here and get and you’ll be able to buy a download / physical cd from Forest Records soon enough.

Forest Records Presents… X

Celebrating 10 years of the Forest. Dedicated to all our volunteers who made it happen August 2000 to August 2010… x

Features 22 tracks – brand new, unreleased or recent classics from members of the Forest Records Collective and a selection of special guests. 500 copies limited edition CD – buy your copy today at the Forest.

Press play, take off all your clothes and prepare to be touched intimately by the sounds of the Forest. Enjoy sampling these choice tracks and buy a copy at the Forest – out now!


01. Robin Schlochtermeier “Seventeen Or More”

02. The Sea Is Salt “Kennoway And Star”

03. Edward Shallow “Pillars”

04. Billy Liar “Is It Me?”

05. Danseizure “Holes In Walls”

06. Rootmitten “Big Dub”

07. Hailey Beavis “In Any Case”

08. The Hemulen “Echo Plex”

09. Ryan Van Winkle (with Saint Jude’s Infirmary) “Walker”

10. The Homecoming String Band “The Cuckoo”

11. Enfant Bastard “(Bonus) (Level) (Track)”

12. Caro Bridges “Right Now”

13. Danny Mullins “Time Out”

14. Kyon And Dyems “Polygon Faced”

15. Ragland “Going Down”

16. Jonny Berliner “Moochin’”

17. Sam & Mike “Second One”

18. Silk “Mr Creepy”

19. Mikel Krumins “Zombie Girl”

20. Robin Grey “Roses From Africa”

21. Ryan Van Winkle & Ragland “The Duke And Pines”

22. Sycamore Drive “End Theme”

And While We’re Talking about Forest Records

You better believe that in the run-up to FOREST X, the music arm of Forest has been dropping great free releases like a goose. If you haven’t visited the website and grabbed a dose of awesome new music, do so now!

Here’s a selection of my favourites!

The Sea is Salt EP

Jack Richold and Faith Nicholson unite and conquer!

The Sea is Salt lull you into a dreamy wonderland with sparse guitar, piano and violin overlaid with achingly lush vocals. Then, just when everything seems safe and sublime, they release a pack of wild bears to go roaring for the throat. Kennoway and Star is their debut EP, comprising four musical nuggets of folklore, laments and Elvis mythology. Download it for free now!

Hunnibug EP by boletes

“Mushroom hunters refer to fungi in the genus Boletus as boletes. However, individual species vary widely: some boletes are tasty edibles, while others cause severe distress. Boletes are harvested all over the world, but proper identification can be tricky.”

Beware! Hunnibug the debut EP from boletes will blow your mind!

2009 – 2010 by Sycamore Drive

Sycamore Drive’s latest album – a collection of unreleased chipmusic tracks from 2009-2010 – out now!

Listen and download at: http://www.sycamoredrive.co.uk/

Caro Bridges EP

Words and Tunes” – the new EP from Forest Records latest signing Caro Bridges.

Sweet and sassy siren songs for summer days and sultry nights…

For free download of entire EP go to our downloads page or click on the album cover!

Meet the Hemulen

Meet The Hemulen – the debut album by electronic producer The Hemulen

OUT NOW on forest records!

Get your open source download right here for hemulensummersoundscapes

Danny Mullins – Forest  Vibe

Forest Vibe, Danny Mullins’ new 15-track album, is a heady mix of mirth, musings and magic. Recorded live at the Forest Cafe late one night in November 2006, distilled and stored in the Forest Records wine cellar for more than 3 years, like the finest of wines it has matured and tastes better than ever. All the classics make an appearance – Sensitive Guy, Ras The Rasta, Haywire and more – CDs from the Forest Shop and free downloads are both available now! Drink up! Drink up!

Celebrate 10 Years of Forest by downloading records, buying a book, making a donation, free theatre, or just party with us all festival!