Hello Aberdeen, Hello Poetry

The fine folks at ‘Hello Poetry’ and the wizard, Rapunzel Wizard, have a mega-show for you. It is called ‘Demented Eloquence’ and it is massive. I’m looking forward to seeing Rapunzel again and, of course, being up in Aberdeen where people have always been super kind and supportive. Here’s the deal:

Saturday, 14 April, 20:30 — Demented Eloquence — Cellar 35, Aberdeen, £4: ANDREW FERGUSON, DUFFY, RYAN VAN WINKLE,  GRAHAM BRODIE, ROBIN CAIRNS, and, of course, RAPUNZEL WIZARD!


Verses and lines that will make you laugh, make you cry, and say something to you about your life, featuring top names in spoken word performance.

This month: Poetry and prose from Andrew Ferguson and Hello Poetry.

is from Glenrothes and is a member of Writers’ Bloc. He recites poems and spins tales from the daft to the dark.
“All the energy and vigour of early Irvine Welsh, but with far more humour and nuance.” – The Scotsman

Are touring Scotland. The aim to get differing performer on stage together, and bring poets to places they don’t normally recite. For our night in Aberdeen we have the poetic cream of the Central Belt.

DUFFY: is a performance poet and prime mover behind Hello Poetry. He has also appeared on Channel 4 reciting on a beach in Largs.

RYAN VAN WINKLE: is an American living in Edinburgh. He writes award winning poems and recites them interspersed with sharp patter.

GRAHAM BRODIE: is editor of Whirlpool Press and all-round-poetic wildman.

ROBIN CAIRNS: is a performance poet, who is never happier than when he has an audience laughing – as long as he knows he has something up his sleeve to squeeze a tear out of them soon.

will be you host, settling you into the evening with verses sometime eloquent but always demented.

Plus a limited number of open mic spots for…
Freestylers, Stand up poets, Ranters, M.C.s, Performance Poets, Rhymesters, Rappers, or any other spoken word ne’er-do-wells
Email : dementedeloquence@yahoo.co.uk
to book your three minutes of fame. First come first served. Silly prize for best performer courtesy of Spar’s bargain bucket…

Plus the audience poem…
Your chance to create a great piece of literature without leaving your seat. Silly prize for best line courtesy of Spar’s aforementioned bargain bucket.