Sometimes I get interviewed and sometimes I make audio poems. I’ll be touching this page up with more context soon but, for now, here is an archive of un-catagorizable stuff I have done.


One Thousand Stories Podcast with Conor Mahood — Episode 13 with Ryan Van Winkle

A Thousand Stories is a podcast project where Conor interviews people using the same rough pool of questions each time. Though it’s from a pool of questions, he may ask someone all or only a couple of these in the actual interview. The goal is one thousand people. Here’s Ryan Van Winkle on The Lucky Episode 13

BBC Scotland Book Cafe – 16 Feb, 2009

BBC Radio Scotland invited me to appear on The Book Cafe on Monday 16 February. I spoke to host, Chris Dolan, about poetry and my job as Reader in Residence. I’ll also got a chance to share some of my favorite poems with Sam Kelly and the writer Denise Mina who wrote the Garnethill books as well as Hellblazer for Vertigo. I tried to match poems to people’s reading, music and film tastes.

For those wondering what poems I recommended:

Chris Dolan: New Heart by Federico Garcia Lorca & Grief by Matthew Dickman

Sam Kelly: Succubus by Tim Turnbull & Burial by Momcilo Nastasijevic

Denise Mina: The Gun by Vicki Feaver & Cuckoo Corn by Paul Muldoon

BBC Scotland Book Cafe — October 2008

In October of 2008 I was invited to talk about poetry on The Book Cafe with Lilias Fraser from The Scottish Poetry Library and presenter Clare English. In case you missed us, or want to hear us again, here is the edited interview.

Spoken Words / Sound Poetry


This Is Danseizure LP

Many years ago Dan and I sat down and recorded the poem ‘No Idea But In Things’ which I’d kind of forgotten about. Luckily, Dan didn’t. He created a beautiful, 7 minute, electronic assault. You can download the whole album for FREE on bandcamp.


Full Moon Poem

I was pleased to be asked to write a poem about The Full Moon for The Guardian’s Local Edinburgh Website. Now, it is always a challenge to write a poem to a deadline but it was also fun to do and gave me a chance to (once again) steal Nic Darling’s old line — “The moon is a patron of the arts”.

The Syllabary

I was asked to write a poem for The Syllabary project. Basically, there are hundreds of syllables. Each syllable has a word or multiple words which can be made out of it. Poets then write a poem using all the words for the syllable they were given. By way of example – I was given the syllable FiP which can only make one word – FLIP. So, I wrote a poem which contained the word “Flip”. Now, if you are confused – check out Cleikit site and if you spin the wheel around you can find my poem – titled “Whiff of Winter”

Idea of You

A little sound poem of mine for Valentine’s Day.

With apologies to Richard Brautigan from whom I stole the audio style of the piece.

The poem is a very old poem of mine and is very short. Embarrassingly, this makes it the only poem of mine I’ve learned by heart.

The voices were recorded in The Cave, at The Forest and features random people from the cafe. Gareth Warner helped with the recording.