A few years ago Dan Meth and Mark Vitelli called me up and asked me what I thought about pizza. I forgot about it and so did the internet. And then they remembered and the internet remembered and suddenly I was this cartoon.

This is not the first time this has happened. Having know Meth since we were next door neighbours in Oklahoma (if you can call 4 miles down a dirt road neighbours! haha!) I’ve had my share of cameos in his work. I think my voice first turned up in the always hilarious, always offensive Mike Tyson’s Brunch Out:

Dan and I once even co-wrote a series about a British talent agent ram with a terrible and ill-conceived eye for talent. It began like this:

While many of Meth’s cartoons have been loved, cherished and even sponsored — Cavalcade of Laffs remains a cult favourite of nearly 3 or 4 people. Thanks to praise such as:  “THIS ONE SUX”   and “better than dennis leary” and “This is the first meth minute that didn’t make me laugh or even smile at all” Meth and I conceived an 8 episode story-arc which would have included a hilarious spin on Ann Nocenti’s “The Hundred Heads of Ultron” saga from Daredevil circa 1988. Sadly, the internet will likely never meet “Married Robot” (though I expect Meth will still have the story boards.)
However, the internet can still content itself with the comedic stylings of the afore seen “A Giant Preying Mantis” and the below “A Dog who Can’t Stop Shitting.”

For those who haven’t seen it: Welcome to the Club. And don’t forget to check out Dan’s other great work: cartoons, illustration, murals, song, performance art, vegan baking! The man does it all (http://danmeth.com/)