I was happy to see my father’s retirement making the New Haven Register back home in Connecticut. Dad’s been working with kids in West Haven for over 35 years and has given me loads of encouragement and advice as I’ve been going to visit schools as Reader in Residence for the SPL. The fact that he’s worked in education for 36 years, to me, is an achievement in itself. That my father has been able to bring positivity and compassion to lives without much of either is exemplary. As part of my father’s final days as principal at Washington Elementary, he’s bringing a bus-load of kids to see Billy Elliot on Broadway. As he told me, a lot of these children have never left the city they were born in or gone to anything but a movie theatre.

I’ve enjoyed watching my dad at work over the years, have seen first-hand his care and concern for the students, teachers and staff he sees everyday. I hope his replacement loves his work as much as my father does. Which is all to say, I’m pretty proud of my dad and wish him the best in retirement.

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