Our Latest Podcast is Zoo-style journey through poetry via the songs of Jed Milroy and words of Kipling and Yeates. Please, do not adjust your dials, this is Real Poetry Radio — coming at ya!

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Jed Milroy

In a slight change to our usual programme, we include a simulcast from WSPL Radio: Real Poetry Radio featuring their presenter Ryan “the Wolf” van Winkle interviewing Scottish folk music sensation Jed Milroy. Jed has recently become involved with creating memorable tracks from classic and modern poetry and we include three of his excellent poetry tracks – ‘An Irish Airman Foresees His Death’, inspired by the Yeats’ poem, ‘Love Never Dies’ inspired by the poem by Portobello poet Don Huggins and ‘The Storm Cone’ from the poem by Rudyard Kipling. Presented by Ryan “the Wolf” van Winkle. Produced by Colin “Copter” Fraser. Twitter: @byleaveswelive & @anonpoetry. Mail: splpodcast@gmail.com

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First published 28 May, 2010

About Jed Milroy

Jed Milroy Jed is a rambling roving musician. Sometime guitarist for Psychadelic Popsters the Aliens. Manic Banjo Player for The Homecoming String Band. His own songs are fingerpicked acoustic guitar rants and sweet melodies about wild places and people.

About Ryan ‘the Wolf’ Van Winkle

Ryan 'the Wolf' Van Winkle The Wolf presents his Morning Zoo on the WSPL: Real Poetry Radio weekdays, covering traffic, weather, news, poetry, music, musical poetry and poems for plums.

About Colin ‘the Copter’ Fraser

helicopter by Flickr user psiaki under a creative commons license Colin “Copter” Fraser is an award winning poetry traffic pilot having successfully reported on the infamous Eliot-Pound pile-up of ’21 and the Bukowski trials.