Naked Reading at Naked Brunch

The Naked Brunch

That’s right — in the history or dumb things I’ve agreed to do, this would be one of the dumbest. I’m reading naked at the Naked Brunch. You ask: What is the Naked Brunch — well, pretty much what it says it is except with art, music, poetry, clowns, comedy and burlesque. You can read more about it here (and buy tickets if you think it sounds too embarrassing to miss. But, remember, you’ll have to be naked too!). I was invited to read by Natalie Bak, who is super lovely and has a great event planned for you with delicious food from Henderson’s. Plus, our friend, Baba Brinkman (who does all that great hippy-hoppy stuff) will be there and I’m pretty sure he’s quite fit. If nothing else, it will be an experience. I hope you are all too hungover to attend. Here are other events where I will (probably) not be naked.

Where: C Central, North Bridge

When: Sunday, 22 August, 11am

Cost: £10.50

The official blurb:

Eat. Drink. Bare all! A celebration of collaboration and the human form. An invitation for festival participants to unite and share their most intimate details. Encounter life as art and feast on a collision of naked performance including circus, dance and comedy. Pay tribute to artists brave and bold through music, movement, mastication and naked networking! Be a part of an experience to remember – certain to stimulate the senses and inspire your creative juices! Brunch included. Warning: nudity non-negotiable.