Here’s a new podcast for y’all! Donald S Murray and I met many years ago in Shetland when he interviewed me for a job. This experience was so traumatic, I blocked out the memory. However, upon re-introduction, I was happy to realize he is a lovely and intelligent writer and, lucky for you Dear Listener, he has a voice like Peruvian honey poured slowly over rich mahogany. Okay, you can tell, it is a bit late as I write this. What I mean is — Donald is a pleasure to listen to. I hope you enjoy the interview and please check out some of his books…..

Main Street at St Kilda © Flickr user gajtalbot under a Creative Commons license

Listen now…

Donald S Murray

Ryan chats to Donald S Murray while he was at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. They discuss his non-fiction book on St Kilda, The Guga Hunters, the importance of place in poetry, the difference between island and mainland poetry and Donald’s new book which focuses on the Italian Chapel in Orkney. We also get to hear a few of Donald’s poems.

Presented by Ryan Van Winkle. Produced by Colin Fraser of Anon Poetry Magazine and @anonpoetry. Music by Ewen Maclean. Contact: @byleaveswelive or mail

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About Donald S Murray

Donald S Murray Donald S Murray comes from Ness at the northern tip of the Isle of Lewis and now works in close proximity to ‘the Ness’ at the southern tip of Shetland. His experience of life clearly limited, he has written much about islands and the seabirds that fly around them. The gannet especially features in The Guga Hunters (Birlinn) and Praising The Guga (North Idea); both taking flight in October 2008. These books were inspired by the men who hunt the guga (or young gannets) each year in Sulageir off the north-east coast of Lewis.