The latest issue of the esteemed Edinburgh Review came about after the Reel Iraq festival which took place in Edinburgh in May. Like the festival, the magazine features poetry and prose, interviews and essays on contemporary Iraqi culture. The magazine features new poems by Saadi Youssef, Shampa Ray and Salam Al-Asadi amongst others. There is also a lovely Scots translation of Sinan Antoon by our good friend Andrew Philip. There are in depth essays that are both hopeful and lamenting as well as a gorgeous set of photographs by Anmar Al-Gaboury. If you were a fan of the Reel Iraq Festival, do buy this issue – available online, Blackwells or Wordpower. You can also browse it at the SPL.

Magazines are expensive to produce so, if you can, support the ER with a subscription. Each issue gives you a contemporary snap-shot of a region via new poetry and prose as well as discussions on cultural topics. It is worth it.

Many thanks to everyone at the Reel Iraq Festival for allowing me to take part and to all the writers who came to speak. It was a real joy and I’m think this magazine reflects the streangth and diversity of the festival itself. Enjoy!