Edwin Morgan

Scotland’s Poet Laureate, Edwin Morgan, turned 90 on Tuesday 27 April and we headed over to Glasgow’s Mitchell Library to celebrate his birthday with friends in the poetry world, as well as launch [email protected], a book of tributes from friends and poets and his latest collection of poems Dreams and Other Nightmares: New and Uncollected Poems 1954 – 2009 (Mariscat).

We include a few poems from this collection and chat to Alasdair Gray, Gerry Cambridge, Hamish Whyte, James McGonigal, Valerie Thornton, Gerda Stevenson, Aonghas MacNeacail, Donny O’Rourke, JL Williams, David Kinloch and Robyn Marsack.

Presented by Ryan van Winkle. Produced by Colin Fraser. Music by Ewen Maclean. Twitter: @byleaveswelive & @anonpoetry. Mail: splpodcast@gmail.com

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First published 30 April, 2010

About Edwin Morgan

Edwin Morgan Born in 1920, and first published in the 1950s, Edwin Morgan has produced an extensive body of work. Endlessly curious and open-minded, he has experimented with the language of machines as well as translating from a variety of European languages. He is a poet who is willing to give a voice to everything around him, whether it is an apple, the Loch Ness Monster, a cancer cell or the source of the Big Bang.

About the Edwin Morgan Archive

Edwin Morgan Archive The Edwin Morgan Archive was collected over a period of thirty years by Hamish Whyte, Edwin Morgan’s friend, publisher and biographer.

The Archive represents the most significant and accessible collection of his work in print and other media, vividly illustrating the breadth and variety of his writing, his publishing career, and its context, decade by decade.

Handwritten corrections and notes made by Morgan in the published texts, give an illuminating insight into the mind of the poet.