Introducing – The Golden Hour

Back in October we hit the road in the Gorilla Perfumes┬átour bus and made beautiful music and words happen all over the UK’s favourite cities. We furthermore cannot be held accountable for the brief and slight olfactory improvements made in those cities. It was an incredible ride, and for those of you who missed us we present a brief video journey across the island. All the films were done by Luke Flemming on our Golden Hour ‘Infused & Bemused Tour’.

Golden Hour – Manchester – Billy Liar

Golden Hour – London – Robin Grey and Collisions Dance

Golden Hour – Edinburgh – Inspace

Golden Hour – Leeds – Robin Grey and Collisions Dance

Golden Hour – Oxford – Garance Lewis

Golden Hour – Sheffield – Hailey Beavis

Golden Hour – Brighton – Hannah Moulette / Ruth Skipper

Golden Hour – Stirling – Andy McKay

Golden Hour – Newcastle – Billy Liar and Ryan Van Winkle

Golden Hour – Stirling – Lake Montgomery