A Round-Up of Some Nice Things

* Nick Holdstock (aka My Man Husband) has a humorous, yet intellectually rigorous, travel piece on”International Pynchon Week” in Poland. You’ll find the text in the very respectable N+1 Magazine. Read it for free.

* Friends Rob A Mackenzie, Tracey Emerson, Aiko Mother Fucking Harmon, Brian Johnstone, Ewan Morrison, & Sally Evans all slid through my mail slot today in the new, very orange, issue of Gutter. Check it out and buy a subscription here.

* The Genomics Forum and SPL are running a lovely sounding poetry competition … “Write a poem of no more than 50 lines on the theme of ‘improving the human’.” My poem will be about getting bitten by a radio-active spider. If you want to enter — find details here.

* And Lastly — The SPL & Don Paterson are curating a host of poetry events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. They’ve got: Paul Muldoon, John Glenday & Simon Armitage on the bill plus loads of wonderful others. Check it — here.