Wednesday , 24 August — The Golden Hour

The Forest, FREE – 1pm – 3am

Here it is — the last ever Golden Hour at the Forest Cafe at 3 Bristo Place. After this marathon event, we’re going to all rest up and think about new ways to do what we love — mixing poetry, stories, cartoons, music, drunkeness and dancing. In the meantime — you’ll have this massive event to remember us by — featuring our true loves: Tom PowJonny Berliner, William Letford, Emily BallouRobin Grey,Anna CroweEricka DuffyKirstin InnesJohn GlendayThe Little Big BandAlan BissettThe Ghost of Joseph SealJed Milroy & Hailey Beavis, Paper CinemaJason MortonJane FlettToby MottersheadJen and the Gents and Dolphin Boy + much more including films by Roxana Pope and some special Reel Festivals gubbins. You will want to buy a hamburger.