Just before our holidays got started in December, Lilias Fraser and I traveled to the Great North, visiting SPL branch libraries in Inverness and Skye. It was a beautiful trip and we got to meet some brilliant poets working up in the Highlands. So, here is the first of the Highland Podcasts featuring the intrepid, poet, novelist, screenwriter Hamish MacDonald. Hamish helps run Moniack Mhor which is a splendid writers’ retreat up near Inverness. It is isolated and lovely and filled to the gills with excellent literature and fantastic workshops and seminars. They’ve always been very good to The Golden Hour crew so if you are looking for a beautiful place to go and work on some writing, you should check them out. Enjoy the podcast!


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In our first podcast of the year Ryan presents the first of his
interviews from a recent trip to the Scottish Highlands, and he starts
the ball rolling with poet, novelist and playwright Hamish Macdonald,
director of creative writing centre Moniack Mhor. We also have a
haunting track from Shelia K Cameron, “Last NIght I Dreamed About
Doris Lessing”. Presented by Ryan van Winkle. Produced by Colin
Fraser. Incidental music by Ewen Maclean.