Where Did That Decade Go?

Ten years ago, on August 4th, some friends told me A Thing was having an opening party. Some friends of friends were involved. You could bring your own booze. There would be music. Art. We were jammed into a tiny postage-size stamped cafe. I fell asleep on the pavement outside. Somewhere, there is photographic evidence of this. Anyway, it has been a long and legendary ten years and The Forest has planned many a Celebratory Event for those involved and those who have come to dance. So, first, let’s have a look at some of the festival highlights!


* The Forest could go exitint at any time. So, enjoy it while it last.

* Forest Fringe has their programme of theatre here.

* There will be beer wine cider to buy. Please support Forest.

* In the past our parties have featured giant cakes, and buckets of paint (thrown at the audience), music made be geniuses and illegal dance offs. Naked bouncy castle and unauthorised street parties. The whole building has been covered silver, or in plants.

* There will also be art and food and workshops and screen-printing.

* All this stuff will be free.

Friday 6th
– Test Run –
Curated by London arts collective What they Could Do They Did. These are genius friends of ours. They bleed art.
+ down stairs test run “Quirk”, curated by forest, feat:
goto izume
plaster of plaster
pete wylde
Saturday 7th
– Forest Festival Opening Party “voodoo kiss”.-
It Will Be Huge!
White Heath
Bad Larry
Sunday 8th
– Fashionista –
Catwalk party curated by Che Camille (based in Glasgow)
Monday 9th
– Forest Fringe Theatre –
Launch of the Forest Fringe program opens.
Innovative and experimental, multiaward winning, mind-opening.
Check details:
Wed 11th
– 78 speed gramaphone records from 7 till 8pm –
the zoomerians
danny mullins
thursday 12th
arctic circle
dan seizure
the hemulen
friday 13th:
Jiggery Fuckery: featuring:
Dead on a live Wire
Saturday 14th
– Forest X –

10 years old birthday party. Featherface, Baptism tank, Granny flats, more bands than is possible to name. The insanity of this project is a closely guarded secret.

Humphrey Wood
Pigeon Pheutus
the hemulen
Maybe Murtle Turtle
Bristol Branch (Orchestra del sol, spin off)
torn strings
Sunday 15th
– Humelela sessions – African vybz
Wednesday 18th
– Golden Hour – 8pm
Spoken word and music. Curated by Forest Publishing, featuring AL Kennedy and Earl Gray and the Loose Leaves!
Saturday 21st
Ultrachip! –
The first ever Scottish micro 8bit/chip music festival. Featuring many Scottish and UK artists who make music using gameboys or circuit bent equipment (keyboards, speak n spells etc..)
see website for all band names etc..
Saturday 21st
– Forest Fringe Theatre closing party –
The last day of the amazing free theatre program, and their blow out party.
Sunday 22nd
– Ultrachip! –
see website for all band names etc..
Monday 23rd
Sarah and the snakes
The Leg
Pineapple chunks
Tueday 24th
Mobius loop
White Heath
Wednesday 25th
– Dead on a Live Wire blow the place up –
Thursday 26th
– Octopus Diamond versus the Bowery –
Two now extinct legendary venues that sprung from the forest, will lock horns in intense passion to bring a night of musical splendour.
Downstairs – Plastik fork – electro noise night.
Friday 27th
Ten Tracks curates the evening of bands on the edge –
Saturday 28th
– The happening –
The spontaneous and impossible, Forest closing party. Previously held in tunnels or in tents inside buildings, or even in gardens inside your head.