Reading Music Art and More

All at The Hidden Door

Edinburgh, 23-24 October, 2010

I love Hidden Door. It is a festival of music, art, experimentation, words, film — everything you could possibly love about Edinburgh in one beautiful, tricked out space. The people who make it are amazing. The people performing are amazing. And I’m very proud to have a small part in this year’s festivities. I’ll be reading some poems Sunday evening and hosting the literary sessions in the afternoons / evenings till 8 o’clock. If you are in or near Edinburgh I highly suggest you get yourself some cheap tickets and join the festival fun. If you are into finding out who will be readings — Go here for Saturday listings and here for Sunday listings.

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hidden door 2010

Hidden Door is a creative festival that sees 40 bands, 60 artists, 20 poets and 20 film-makers come together for an exclusive weekend in Edinburgh.
The Roxy Art House will be transformed across every level.
The theatre space will become the Garden, a space of wonderment, a place to escape the hubbub of music and entertainment, but allow time for some extensive exploration of the various installations.
The Roxy bar will host Hidden Cinema showcasing the talent of short film-makers from Scotland and beyond with over 40 films being shown across the weekend. Featuring Cinemaattic and thiscollection
The downstairs room, usually reserved for gigs will this year be the room of Impossible Interactions, wheresix artists have created very individual pieces that all incorporate audience interaction.
Impossible Journeys a series of poetry based installations spaced through the venue created by 10 nationally acclaimed poets.
And the main space will be filled with 5 unique stages, each one created through a collaboration of artists, musicians, poets and film-makers.

22nd October 2010, 7pm – Midnight

Friday Evening – Buy tickets

Main Space

19:00 – Tokamak, Lipsync for a Lullaby, The Foundling Wheel, Dead Boy Robotics, American Men (LuckyMe)

19:15 – Tokamak

20:00 – Lipsync for a Lullaby

20:45 – The Foundling Wheel

21:30 – Dead Boy Robotics

22:15 – American Men (LuckyMe)

Roxy Room

19:15 – Yusuf Azak

20:15 – Lady North

21:15 – John Knox Sex Club

22:15 – Washington Irving

Please Note:  Hidden Door will open with a spectacular film and music event featuring a collaboration between 5 bands, the audience and the film makers.  For this reason we ask that you are there for the beginning of the event. Latecomers may not be admitted after 7.30pm!

23rd October 2010, 1pm – 8pm

Saturday afternoon

Poetry listings here

Main Space

13:15 – Open Swimmer

14:00 – Aki

14:30 – Alastair Cook and Luca Nasciuti

15:00 – Bear Bones

15:35 – John Kellock

15:50 – Kieron Maguire

16:30 – John Kellock

16:45 – Now Now Club

17:15 – White Heath

18:30 – Social Services, Jo Mango, Open Swimmer and Bear Bones

19:10 – Elle Es Aich

19:35 – Iliop

23rd October 2010, 6pm – Midnight

Saturday Evening

Main Space

17:15 – White Heath

18:30 – Social Services, Jo Mango, Open Swimmer and Bear Bones

19:10 – Elle Es Aich

19:35 – Iliop

19:55 – Asthmatic Astronaut

20:40 – Digital Jones

21:25 – Pooch

22:10 – RBRBR

Roxy Room

19:15 – Small Feet, Little Toes

20:15 – Jo Mango

21:15 –Lewis Gibson and the Midas Touch

22:15 – Endor

24th October 2010, 1pm – 8pm

Sunday Afternoon

Poetry listings here

Main Space

13:45 – Kieron Maguire

14:30 – SILENI

15:00 – Tom Adams

15:45 – Esperi

16:15 – Alastair Cook and Luca Nascuiti

17:30 – Winter Greens

18:15 – Iona Marshall

19:00 – Social Services

19:45 – Chris Bradley

24th October 2010, 6pm – Midnight

Sunday Evening

18:15 – Iona Marshall

19:00 – Social Services

19:45 – Chris Bradley

20:30 – Urban Farm Hand

21:15 – Hidden Orchestra

22:20 – Lipsync for a Lullaby, The Foundling Wheel, Tokamak, American Men (LuckyMe) Dead Boy Robotics

Roxy Room

19:00 – Mighty Moth Magnets

19:55 – Fueldiva

20:50 – Comma

21:45 – House of La

22:40 – Black Diamond Express