goldhourjuneWe’ve got AMAZING Golden Hours planned for June and July with a spectacular August Extravaganza. There will be reading, drinking and dancing! Have a look. You will not call me a liar.

What: The Golden Hour
Where: The Forest – 3 Bristo Place
When: June 17, July 22nd, august 19th; 8pm
How Much: Free
Booze: BYOB (please pay corkage)

June 17th

Emily Ballou: The good poet launches her new book The Darwin Poems.


Lauren Pope: Poems. Sass. More Poems.

Dave Coates & Fiona Morrison releasing new chapbooks.

St. Jude’s Infirmary – a rare acoustic set. A deep treat for the ears.

Sarah J Tingle: little songs on a little guitar.

White Heath: a blend of space-rock and tribal noise


Visual Rubbish:

More Cartoons from Mr. Dan Meth

July 22nd

Kei Miller – An excellent reader of depth whose book, There is an Anger That Moves, is one moving collection. (recomended reading for Homecoming Scotland)

Niki Andrikopoulou  РAll the way from Greece with fine new words.

Russell Jones releasing his  new Chapbook of sci-fi poems.


Gary Stewart – upbeat folk-music is relaxed, unpretentious and well-played.


Half Sisters – joyus songs to fall in love with.


Meursault – starry-eyed electronica with cotton-picking wreaths of banjo plucks and ukulele strums.


Visual Rubbish:

More Cartoons from Mr. Dan Meth

the-paper-cinema-kora-weekendAugust 19th — The Festival Special

Readers / Writers:

Jen Hadfield – a remarkably original and inventive poet who recently won the TS Eliot prize.

Ryan Van Winkle – poems & stories from the Reader in Residence at the Scottish Poetry Library.

Nick Holdstock – short stories which grow inside you like golden crocuses.

Ericka Duffy – hot new prose from her hot new chapbook called The Succubus!

Benjamin Morris – Poetry and life lessons from the number one gentleman.

Jason Morton – stories that can eat bricks.


Jane Flett – seamstress of most fetching stories.

Music / Song Writers:

Billy Liar – Acoustic + infectious punk.

Jed Milroy – singer songwriter and hunter finally back from the Woods.

Withered Hand – intense, eccentric, bittersweet and very wry original songs.


Jonny Berliner – Joyus songs about crustacaens, exhaustion, and gluecose.


The Black Diamond Express – a rocking, hell-playing, old time string band.

Visual Amazement:

Paper Cinema and Kora

A cast of hand-drawn marionettes are magically brought to life. This is what happens at the accidental meeting of inkblots, photocopies, cardboard, angle-poise lamps, the occasional table, video technology, a laptop and a banana box.