AGNI Online

For Those of You Who Don’t Buy Books…

I’m pleased to tell you that you can read a new poem of mine, “One Day The Will” FREE on the AGNI online site. AGNI is an excellent print magazine out of Boston which regularly publishes writers like Simon Armitage, Tomaz Salamun, Rita Dove, Robert Pinsky and many other poetic heroes. It is lovely to be tangentially attached to the magazine and the excellent writers who continue to appear in it. Check out my poem for free here but remember — magazines need cash to survive. If you don’t subscribe, who will? So, have a look at the quality and maybe consider a subscription. Go on — treat yourself — only $20 for a whole year!

And If You Want More … Go Here

and read my five World Cup poems specially produced for the World Cup Poems site and Chapbook. If you have £3 you can even have your very own physical book featuring myself, Dave Coates, Sasha de Buyl-Pisco, Al Innes and Kona Macphee. Darling poets all.

But like I said you can read everything for free on the World Cup Poems site. Do enjoy. I wrote poems on:

* Slovenia * Argentina (oh my, The Hand of God!)* Algeria * Honduras (The Football War) * England

Go Here to Read All the World Cup Poems For Free