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November 2012: Where Rockets Burn Through:

science fiction poetry edited by Russell Jones and published by Penned in the Margins.

November 2012: Estuary: A Confluence of Poetry and Art:

“You Wanted to See the Lighthouse”, check out a sample of the poem and artwork here.

October 2012: National Poetry Day Blog:

Favourite Star Poem

September 2012:  Edinburgh Review 135:

Essay on grass roots culture in Edinburgh.

September 2012: Reader-in-Residence for Green Pencil Award creative writing competition.
September 2012:  SPL Podcast with JL Williams.

July 2012: “Untitled (Howe)” chosen as ‘Poem of the Month’ in the Istanbul Review.

May 2012: “The Ocean I Call Mine” published in ‘Lung Jazz: Young British Poets for Oxfam

March 2012: “Holding Up a Wall” appears on the Something Fine blog, dedicated to new work about first love.
March 2012: “Moths” and “Untitled (Lynch)” appear in Poetry New Zealand 44


October 2011: “Jobation” appears in appear in Poetry Scotland 71

September 2011: “History of a Mouth” and “Untitled (Howe)” appeared on Beat The Dust’s ‘American Indy All-Stars’ edition.

September 2011: Three Poems appeared in both Arabic and English in “I Chose To Listen” – a free e-book produced by Reel Festivals and Forest Publications.

August 2011: “You wanted to See the Lighthouse” and “Challenger (1986)” appear in Poetry Scotland 70

August 2011: “You Wanted to See the Lighthouse” and “Challenger (1986)” published in Poetry Scotland.

August 2011: “Last Night I Should Have Driven Straight Home‘ selected as Poem of the Week in The Scotsman.

August 2011: “The Philosophers Have Only Interpreted the World in Various Ways; The Point, However, Is to Change It” translated into Georgian and published online.

August 2011: Poet of the Month for the Scottish Poetry Library

August 2011: Featured Poet on the Read Raw site – re-prints of collected and uncollected poems.

July 2011: An audio version of “No Ideas But in Things” released on Danseizure’s ‘This is Danseizure’ LP (Invisible Agent)

July 2011: “Gerontocracy” and “A Raincoat, A Spell of Rain Ago” published in Gutter Issue 5.

June 2011: “The Philosophers Have Only Interpreted the World in Various Ways; The Point, However, Is to Change It” published in Starry Rhymes: 85 Years of Allen Ginsberg (Read This Press)


December 2010: Babel, Necessary Astronomy, The Day He Went to War, The Apartment, and My 100-Year-Old Ghost featured on How Pedestrian

November 2010: My first full collection — Tomorrow, We Will Live Here — is published by Salt.

November 2010: A translation of “A Raincoat, A Spell of Rain Ago” published in the Turkish magazine Akbük.

November 2010: Translations of “Babel” and “The Apartment” appear in the Turkish publication of the Word Express Anthology 2010

November 2010: Translations of “Untitled (Howe)”, “The Ocean I Call Mine”, “Window” & “Unfinished Rooms” appear in the Serbian magazine Treci Trg

October 2010: “A Raincoat”, a spoken-word track produced with Ragland, features on Fuselit magazine’s cd for their Jack issue.

October 2010: “It is Summer and in Connecticut the Grill is Grilling”, “Falling #71”, “Knots”, “They Tore the Bridge Down a Year Later”, “Gasoline”, “Ode For a Rain From Death Row”, “Discreet”, “My 100-Year-Old Ghost” and “The Day He Went to War” published in Oxford Poets 2010: An Anthology


August 2010: “One Day The Will” published on AGNI Online

August 2010: “Masks” and “Duke and Pines” released on Forest Records Presents … X — feat. collaborations with St. Jude’s Infirmary and Ragland

July 2010: Interview with John Glenday published in Anon Magazine 7

July 2010: “Open Door” poem in The Year Of Open Doors

July 2010: “Ode For a Rain From Death Row” published in New Writing Scotland 2010: Stone Going Home Again

June 2010: Five new poems commissioned and published on the World Cup 2010 Poetry Site / Chapbook from Forest Publications

June 2010: “100-Year-Old Ghost” featured on How Pedestrian

April 2010: “Going Up” published in Northwords Now

March 2010: “Babel” published in Gutter Magazine

March 2010: “Whiff of Winter” posted on The Syllabary.

March 2010: “Challenger (1986)” published in Stone’s Throw Magazine.

March 2010: “I Look Up Again” published on The Guardian Local: Edinburgh.

February 2010: Winner of Salt Publishing’s Crashaw Prize. A collection is due by the end of 2010.

February 2010: “Castles” published in Conte.

January 2010: translations by Marko Pogacar of “Flood” and “I Do Not Want Rain For Rain” appear in the Bosnian magazine Kolaps.

January 2010: “Red Like Our Room Used to Feel” released by Forest Records.


October 2009: Four poems translated and published in Eclipse, the literary magazine of Zaragoza University. Translations by Jessica Aliaga Lavrijsen.


September 2009: “Darkness on the Edge of Toast” published in The American Poetry Review.

June 2009: Invited to speak and read at Cambridge University ‘s “America Week.”

June 2009: Editor: The Golden Hour Book Vol. II. Featuring “The Apartment”, “Open the Connections,” and “Waiting for the Ocean”.

February 2009: “We Could Sing Along With The Band” and “Falling, Nos. 18, 39 and 266” published in Read This #15.

February 2009: “My Hundred-Year-Old Ghost” and “Winter (I Cannot Remember A Single Breakfast) published by Tontine.


November 2008: Looking For Lockerbie published by Syracuse University Press.


November 2008: Article on being Reader in Residence featured in The Skinny


November 2008: Editor: Stolen Stories Anthology Published by Forest Publications.

November 2008: “Everyone Always Talking About Jesus” and “Retrieving the Dead” published in Northwords Now. The whole issue is available for download here.

July 2008: “They Tore the Bridge Down a Year Later” published in Northwords Now. The issue is available for download here. (Inverness)

May 2008: ‘She Makes Home Smell Like Lemons’, ‘I Saw the End’, ‘We Could Sing Along With the Band’, ‘Oregon Trail’ published in New Leaf 24 (Breman, Germany)

May 2008: “It is Summer and in Connecticut the Grill is Grilling”, “Falling #147” and “They Will Go On” published in New Writing Scotland #26.


November 2007: ‘An Old Photographer Gives Up’, ‘Grave-tender’, and ‘My 100-Year-Old Ghost’ published in V: An Anthology of International Writing From Edinburgh (Edinburgh University Press)

October 2007: Long-listed for the 2007 Bridport Prize

August 2007: ‘After the Pig’, ‘One Day the Will’, ‘I Got Out When it All Went Down’, ‘She is Practising Again’. ‘Bluegrass’. ‘Grave-tender’, ‘Snooze’ published in New Leaf 23 (Breman, Germany.)


July 2007: “Gasoline” placed 3rd in the Ver Poets Open Poetry Competition

June 2007: ‘I Saw the End’, ‘Oregon Trail’, ‘I Got Out When it All Went Down’, ‘Winter (I Can’t Remember a Single Breakfast’ published in The Golden Hour Book an anthology from Forest Publications.


September 2005 – 2007: Book Reviewer for The Skinny an Edinburgh and Glasgow listings magazine.


June 2004 – 2007: Editor in Chief of SUBMIT. The Forest literary magazine.

April 2004: Continental Airline’s In-Flight Magazine publishes piece on Oslo.


July 2003: The Boston Globe publishes a travel feature on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

July 2003: The Sunday Herald (Glasgow) published a travel feature on Scots Fest which toured Bosnia in the Spring.

April 2003: Attended the Mostar International Festival as a poet and journalist.


August 2002: I Hate Myself, I’m a Genius, I Ruin Everything (I’m So Lonely) is released by

Forest Records – an experiment in spoken word put to music by local artists.

June 2002 – Present: Editor in Chief of CIA NIGHTS (Edinburgh) a bi-weekly collage of news, satires and literature.

August 2002 – April 2004: Contributor to The Sunday Herald (Glasgow) including a travel Bosnia, coverage of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the death of Warren Zevon.

April 2002: Article on Belfast published in Black and White Magazine. (Sydney)

2002: Editor of Smallfry Magazine the independent literary magazine of Edinburgh.


2001 – 2008: Poetry Editor at www.Ducts.org. (New York City)

November 2001: Short story, The Porch published in Smallfry Magazine.