Looking For Lockerbie


A few years ago I worked on a book with Syracuse University professors Lawrence Mason Jr. and Melissa Chessher along with other student writers and photographers (I was not a student at the time, merely living in Scotland and an alumni of SU). The book we created, “Looking for Lockerbie,” is a photographic and textual attempt to  understand the village most remember as the place where Pan Am 103 crashed on Dec. 21, 1988. I covered what I figured would be the heart of  any Scottish town — the pubs, quiz nights, a local chippy and hill-walking. There is a lot of heart though, in a lot of other places and, to me, the book is a portrait of a  place  at a specific time, just after 9/11, caught between expectations, memories and moving-on (but I wouldn’t call it “moving-on” I’d call it “living.”) Aside from living part-time in Lockerbie one bonus of the project was getting the chance to work with  great photographers including my friends Tom Mason and Barbara Salisbury Quesada. Along with my work there is a great piece on the phenomenon of “boy-racers” by Magin LaSov Gregg. Melissa Chessher, who wrote and edited much of the text, is a beautifully empathetic writer whose work is always arresting and filled with a fine prose that shows depth and insight. You can buy the book here.

The Independent published a short review of the book. Have a little peek: Pick of the Picture Books: Looking for Lockerbie