At The Golden Hour a few months ago Mr. Rodge Glass (Editor, Prize-Winning Biographer, Novelist, Musician and general kind of “allright dude“) mentioned he was editing a collection of New Scottish Fiction. I said I wish I wrote fiction so I could be in the book amongst the other amazing writers he’d lined up  (listed below — check it — they are the real deal). I was jealous. I wanted to be in an anthology of New Scottish Fiction. I wanted to be in because it sounded too good. Not only are the authors all top-shelf but the book is not political in the sense that it doesn’t seek to define Scottish-ness. The anthology is a representation of The Now. The people who are living and creating in this country at This Moment. I liked that notion. It seemed to cut through a lot of the Talk Talk Talk surrounding Scottish Publishing. Anyway, Mr. Rodge said I could try my hand at a poem to kind of open or maybe even close the book. I thought about doors and Scotland and what it means to be a writer. I watched Arrested Development. I read comic books. I went to Berlin. I sent Mr. Rodge the poem. Mr. Rodge liked the poem. Mr. Rodge put it in his book of New Scottish Fiction. So, how about that — I’ve got a poem in a book of New Scottish Fiction amongst names so fine you can lose a day just going through their websites.Trust me: Buy the Book.


Have a look at the other great people involved below. Then go Buy the Book.

And Come to an Open Door Gig at the Book Fest’s Spiegeltent!

Monday, 30 August, 9pm – Edinburgh International Book Festival, Spiegeltent — FREE

The Year Of Open Doors: Music Night

There will be poems from me & The Alan Bissett


Music from Burnt Island & Adrian Crowley

My poem is in The Year of Open Doors — a very excellent collection of new Scottish Fiction. It is quality. It features great new stories from people like:

Alan Bissett

Sophie Cooke

Kirstin Innes

Kapka Kassabova

Anneliese Mackintosh

Kevin MacNeil

Duncan McLean

Aidan Moffat

Suhayl Saadi

Tawona Sithole


Ryan Van Winkle (That’s ME!)

Check Out Cargo Publishing’s Website for News, Contests, Videos and all things Open Doorsy — See you at the Gig!

And here is Mr. Rodge explaining what he was doing.