From Tuesday the 22nd of September, the Stockbridge Library will be my poetic home away from home.

Starting Tuesday with a Meet the Reader in Residence event I’ll be semi-based down in Stockbridge hosting a bunch of poetic events and workshops! The month will feature reading poems aloud, going for a GPS poetry walk, and doing some casual reading and workshops. It should be a brilliant month and – the best thing is – Edinburgh Libraries is letting me bring along a bunch of my favourite poetry books for display! How cool is that? So, come along to any of the events mentioned below or feel free to pop into the library and see what excellent poetry books are on offer!


Tuesday Sept. 22, 15.00 – 16.30 – Meet Your Reader in Residence


Ryan Van Winkle is Reader in Residence at the Scottish Poetry Library and Edinburgh City Libraries. He is also a working poet who’s work has appeared in Northwords

Now, New Writing Scotland and The American Poetry Review.

Monday Sept. 28, 19.00 – Nothing But The Poem

Fancy a poetry chat? Nothing But The Poem is a relaxed and informal way to meet and discuss poems. Moderated by ECL / SPL Reader-in-Residence Ryan Van Winkle. * We read a poem * We discuss the poem * Only the poem we’ve read. * No Jargon * No experience needed * Nothing to fear * Nothing but the poem.

Tuesday October 6, 15.00 – Carry a Poem

Do you have a favourite poem? Do you love hearing poems read aloud? Come to our poems aloud session where we’ll be sharing the poems we carry with us, in our hearts and even in our pockets. Bring any poem you’d like to hear and share and we’ll read a few from our roving poetry collection.

Wednesday October 14, 15.00 – Poetry Walk with G.P.S. — The Global Poetry Systemmessage

Poetry is all around us. It is in graffiti, carved into stone, in shop windows and parks. Ryan Van Winkle leads a poetry walk around Stockbridge on a quest for found poetry. Bring a digital camera and we’ll post our finds on the G.P.S. website. ( This event is in association with the Southbank Centre in London and is part of a nationwide project to map where poetry is found all over the country. Come put poetry on the map! Find it. Map it. Share it.