RYAN VAN WINKLE is a poet, live artist, podcaster and critic living in Edinburgh.

His poems have appeared in New Writing Scotland, The Prairie Schooner, The American Poetry Review, AGNI and The Australian Book Review.

His second collection is due out in 2015 from Penned in the Margins.
He was awarded a Robert Louis Stevenson fellowship in 2012 and was listed as one of Canongate’s ‘Future Forty’ in 2013. His poetry / theatre experiment ‘Red, Like Our Room Used to Feel‘ was one of the top ten best-rated shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012.

He is the host and co-producer of the arts podcast The Multi-Coloured Culture Laser and the poetry podcast for the Scottish Poetry Library. He also hosts Book Talk for the Scottish Book Trust. He has interviewed hundreds of poets, authors, and artists. Some favourites you might enjoy are, Mary Ruefle on the SPL podcast, George Saunders on the SPT podcast and Withered Hand on Culture Laser. Some transcripts of these interviews have been commissioned by the Prairie Schooner literary magazine.

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