Book first collection, ‘Tomorrow, We Will Live Here‘ was released by Salt Publications in November 2010 after winning the 2009 Crashaw prize. The book is a collection of poems centred around people in uncomfortable situations — often of their own making. Or, as it says on the back of the book:

‘Plain spoken narrators as diverse as the America they inhabit – a pastor’s son, the lonely night nurse and fat boy – are all ill at ease. Through road kill, September 11th and death row characters address their own bitter faults with noir-like melancholy, seeking redemption and absolution. What you will find here is the grist of life – death, love, sex, departure – honed by a poet focused on the gravity, fear and humour of living.’

You can find more information on this collection as well as reviews, interviews and random ephemera at the link below. Or scroll down and see what other books I’ve been in.

Anthologies & Other Publications

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* You can find a complete List of Publications (on-line and off) where my work can be found. Some have links to places where you can see the work, some you can only buy in print editions. Remember, magazines which publish poetry are getting rarer and often rely on subscribers. Please consider purchasing a subscription or individual issues and help keep the industry alive. If you are interested in buying my first collection, please click on the cover above.

I Chose to Listen

I Chose to Listen – New Translations from Reel Festivals 2011 FREE DOWNLOAD

One of the most spectacular things I’ve had a chance to do recently was to work with a cohort of fantastic poets from Lebanon, Scotland and Syria on new translations of each others work. Some of you, I hope, were able to come to our readings in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Beirut. However, if you weren’t, these new translations should give you a taste of contemporary poetry from the region. You’ll also find brand-new work in both English and Arabic from our  friends Tom Pow, William Letford, and Emily Ballou. I also have a few poems inside there. I encourage you to check out this free book.

This free to download e-book (published in association with Forest Publications) features brand new English and Arabic poetry translations from collaboration and performance with the Reel Festivals poets.

From Syria, Golan Haji and Rasha Omran, from Lebanon, Yehya Jaber  and Mazen Maarouf and from Scotland, Tom Pow, Emily Ballou, William Letford and Ryan Van Winkle, along with beautiful Arabic Calligraphy by Everitte Barbee.

We are immensely thankful to Creative Scotland for making this book and all these outcomes possible through the Vital Sparks funding, to the British Council for their sponsorship and ongoing support and to the Scottish Poetry Library, Literature Across Frontiers and all Reel Festivals supporters. Some of these poems, artwork and an exclusive essay by Tom Pow originally appeared in ANON Magazine 8.

As the poet Andrew Philip said: ‘it fairly makes a difference when you know the poetry makes a difference’. We couldn’t agree more and hope you do too.

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Carcanet Oxford Poets Anthology 2010

It is a real honor to have my poems included in Carcanet’s latest edition of the Oxford Poets series. In the 2010 edition of this respected anthology I’m surrounded by such wonderful poets as David Shook and Jim Carruth — both of whom make being in this collection an extra treat because they are good and they are friends. Frankly, it is worth buying this anthology for either of them alone. But you don’t just get them (and me) you get a total of 9 new voices spanning decades and continents. And for those of you thinking — I’ll just buy Ryan’s solo collection — Well, there’s poems in this anthology which you won’t find in my full collection. So, snap this up, it is worth it. Buy it here.

The Year of Open Doors (Cargo)

At The Golden Hour a Mr. Rodge Glass (Editor, Prize-Winning Biographer, Novelist, Musician and general kind of “allright dude“) mentioned he was editing a collection of New Scottish Fiction. I said I wish I wrote fiction so I could be in the book amongst the other amazing writers he’d lined up  (listed here — check it — they are the real deal). I was jealous. I wanted to be in an anthology of New Scottish Fiction. I wanted to be in because it sounded too good. Not only are the authors all top-shelf but the book is not political in the sense that it doesn’t seek to define Scottish-ness. The anthology is a representation of The Now. The people who are living and creating in this country at This Moment. I liked that notion. It seemed to cut through a lot of the Talk Talk Talk surrounding Scottish Publishing. Anyway, Mr. Rodge said I could try my hand at a poem to kind of open or maybe even close the book. I thought about doors and Scotland and what it means to be a writer. I watched Arrested Development. I read comic books. I went to Berlin. I sent Mr. Rodge the poem. Mr. Rodge liked the poem. Mr. Rodge put it in his book of New Scottish Fiction. So, how about that — I’ve got a poem in a book of New Scottish Fiction amongst names so fine you can lose a day just going through their websites.Trust me: Buy the Book.

The Golden Hour Book Vol. II (Forest Publications)

GHBIIcoverThis anthology It features the best of 5 years worth of audience approved talent condensed into one elegant volume. It has prize-winning writing and music from some of the best bands you may never have heard of. If you are a fan of The Golden Hour monthly event – then surely you will love this book. And, if you’ve never managed to make it to see us in Edinburgh or on tour than here’s your chance to get a taste. Just pop a box of wine and see where the words, music and eye-horses take you! To buy the book or learn more about it please visit the Forest Publications site.

New Writing Scotland (26 & 28)

I am always glad to appear in New Writing Scotland. In issue #26, you’ll find poems of mine which are unavailable elsewhere.  Further, both anthologies feature the best emerging and established writers that Scotland has to offer and are worth reading with or without my poems. For the record, “Ode For a Rain From Death Row” published in New Writing Scotland 2010: Stone Going Home Again and “It is Summer and in Connecticut the Grill is Grilling”, “Falling #147” and “They Will Go On” were published in New Writing Scotland #26.