This December I’ll be packing my bags full of precious ephemera and riding the rails down to old London town, and you should come hang-out. That’s right — the only “one-to-one poetry reading in a makeshift bedsit” at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe is heading to the Battersea Arts Centre for a short run in one of the most cutting-edge theatres in the UK.

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The BAC’s Christmas Cook Up season is epic and exciting and means my little show will be surrounded by scratches, musicals, cabaret, friends like Little Bulb and Josie Long and two stunning productions from the acclaimed Kneehigh theatre. I expect an anything can happen atmosphere similar to the one at Hidden Door, Edinburgh where our show was lucky enough to kick off.

Anyway, if you are in London you must come see all the treats on display and, please,  pop in for a twenty-minute holiday in a room full of booze and poems. There’s a mug of tea with your name on it.

Red, Like our Room Used to Feel is a rare, intimate, one-to-one poetry reading. Hide away in a cozy bed-sit, among trinkets, ephemera,
artworks and an original score. Select your poems, lay back, make yourself at home, enjoy a snifter of port or a spot of Earl Grey, and drink in the specially created atmosphere.

From 12 – 15, 18 – 22 December.

The installation features music from Gareth Warner’s Ragland, paintings, photographs and objets d’art from a host of Edinburgh-based artists, plus Van Winkle’s award-winning poems read by the author. It is joy, memory and loss condensed into a tea break. It is an ambient audio voyage. It is a red room to lay down in, close your eyes and be where you want to be.

Herald Scotland: ***** “A brief oasis of calm, where being read to is a welcome pleasure not often enjoyed beyond childhood.” — Mary Brennan

What: Red, Like Our Room Used to Feel

Where: Battersea Arts Centre, Lavender Hill, London, SW11 5TN

When: 12 – 15 December & 18 – 22 December, 2012; shows from 6:20 pm (every 20 minutes)

How Much: £5 / 3

Box Office: / 02072232223


Creative Scotland has very kindly agreed to fund our expedition to the Battersea Arts Centre! I’m really grateful for their support, without which this could have been a really difficult endeavour. We’re packing up this weekend, and my goodness this excitement is nigh-palpable. Remember to book your tickets here!