Roofless & Rediscover

Super excited to be feeding chopped up poems a la William Burroughs to a giant mechanical bird in Moniaive and Dumfries. Buzzbeak is a Transformer-like animatronic musical bird made by artist Sumit Sarkar and engineer Duncan Turner somewhere on a farm in East Ayrshire.

I’m in Moniaive on Saturday 8 September between 1-5pm, where we’ll be making recordings to be played back at a special performance in Greyfriars Kirk in Dumfries on Sunday 16 September.

I’ve got some good friends in Dumfries, can’t wait to catch up! The show’s going to be exciting and experimental and excellent, don’t miss it.

For more details about the organisers:

Roofless – Scotland’s biggest outdoor arts programme


Details of the shows in Moniaive and Dumfries:

Roofless @ Moniaive

Roofless @ Dumfries