This Magazine Should Be Subscribed to and Treasured

For those of you who don’t know, Fuselit is probably one of the nicest, smallest, and most beautifully produced, quirky magazines of quality in the country. It is lovingly hand crafted, comes packed with poems, stories and a very, very tiny cd. The whole thing is edited and produced by our friends Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone who are fine poets in their own right making it wonderful thing to be a part of. I’m very proud to have a song on the tiny cd in their latest issue ‘Jack’. The track is from the album Ragland and I put together recently and I’m glad they liked it enough to include in this collection. Really, I can not describe how lovely and joyful this package is, so please, just order a copy. It costs £4 and it fits in your back pocket, just like that. You will actually thank me. I swear. Buy the magazine HERE.

If You Are Not Convinced

• From the people who brought you Fuselit comes – ooh la la – Sidekick Books! Please see for details.

• Submissions are invited for Fuselit: Contraption. Please see Submissions for guidelines.