Culture Laser Podcast

Myself and Colin Fraser are enbarking on a brand new podcast adventure called Multi-Coloured Culture Laser, which we’ll be pointing both barrels at some¬†people who do things, make things and live life like art. A zesty melange of interviews, new music and eclectic audio shrapnel. We’ve even got a theme song from Mikel Krumins to rival Knightrider and The Wire. I’m really excited about our first couple of episodes with Nick Barley of the EIBF, exclusive audio of William Burroughs, Alexander Trocchi, Hugh MacDiarmid all getting pretty lairy with each other, and Grace and Ollie of the #NeedNothing campaign. Wow!

In our first ever episode, we chat with Nick Barley, Director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival about how festivals should be dangerous and why he’s celebrating 50 years of the infamous Edinburgh International Writers Conference. We also feature snippets from that 1962 event with the opportunity to hear rare footage of William S Burroughs, Henry Miller, Alexander Trocchi and Hugh MacDiarmid.

Ryan chats with Grace and Ollie, two of the organisers of the Need Nothing conference, introducing a new way of looking at the world.¬†Also featuring the track Laser Fingers by the fab Magnetic Mind. Check out Need Nothing at The Arches in Glasgow at 7pm on Tuesday 25 September and 8pm Wednesday 26 September. The perfect show for folks who don’t want to need stuff.