SPL Podcast at StAnza 2010

Two weeks ago I attended the Stanza Poetry Festival. I must admit, before going I was as nervous about feeling like a poetic philistine. I don’t know what I expected — maybe an exam at the end of each performance —  but, to my delight I found much of the poetry, the performances and the punters to be totally accessible and lovely and not at all intimidating. You can find links to some of my favourite people on the spl website here. Also, if you are interested — you can hear excerpts from many of the live performances on the Stanza Podcast, produced by our friend Colin Fraser. Many thanks to all the fine Stanza organizers and volunteers who helped make the whole thing happen and a massive shout-out to Brian Johnstone who stepped down this year as Director. His work over the past 12 years is evident in the scope and success of the festival.

Ryan heads to Scotland’s International Poetry Festival, StAnza, to lap up the atmosphere.

He managed to grab poets Jim Carruth, Karen Solie and Jay Bernard to share their thoughts and feelings on poetry in general and StAnza in particular. We also have the very great pleasure to include the wonderful Itinerant Librarian, who has been travelling the world for the past four years with her portable poetry library.

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First published 31 March, 2010