The Golden Hour: Stirling, The Junk Rooms

When: Wednesday, July 18, 7pm

Where: The Junk Rooms, 17 Friars Street



Ladies and gentlemen, friends and lovers, kings and pawns — The Golden Hour returns to Scotland!

Join us for new words, blistering, blissful music and visual rubbish all in a beautiful space — The Junk Rooms, Stirling.



Ewan Morrison: Gets his malls out. Heartbreaking, provocative, true tales and tall prophecies from the Nostradamus of Glasgow.

Chris Powici: Always points true north. The poetic compass nails us for the billionth time.

Rachel McCrum: was almost a doctor. But now she just heals. You don’t need a paper to tell which way the wind blows.


Hailey Beavis: Like a lucky piece of gum found under your desk which still has lots of flavour. But that is not why we love her — we love her songs. If you haven’t — see her now because you deserve it. If you have — we know you are already here with us. Maybe she still uses a myspace:

Billy Liar: Might just rock your face off. Or, he might cuddle the crap out of you. We can never tell — but please, for your own safety, don’t just sit there like bloodless Cambridge slugs. Clap, jeer, spit, whoop or cream but for god’s sake — feel something. Or don’t. We like him when he’s angry.