This Saturday (30 March) I’ll be jaunting down the west coast to sunny Manchester to join SJ Fowler and his awesome collaboration project Enemies. From 5-9.30pm in the Annexe Room of the Cornerhouse, let us take you on a journey of original collaborations in poetry, sonic art and visual art, celebrating the resurgent energy of the northwest innovative poetry scene. Enemies in the North will also see the launch of “Gilles de Rais” (by David Kelly and SJ) and “The Estates of Westeros” (by Ben Morris and SJ), two books in boxes, published by Like This Press; also “Elephanche” (by Marcus Slease and SJ), a book of poemplays, published by Department Press. If you hadn’t noticed, SJ is a busy busy man.

The show will feature so many pairs of awesome creators. These pairs are: Zoe Skoulding & Robert Sheppard; Richard Barrett & Nathan Thompson; Sarah Crewe & Jo Langton; Michael Egan & Bobby Parker; Steven Waling & Matt Dalby; Adam Steiner & Eleanor Rees; Alec Newman & yours truly; James Byrne & Sandeep Parmar; SJ Fowler & Marcus Slease; Daniele Pantano & David Kelly; Tom Jenks & Chris McCabe & Ben Morris. If there isn’t a tag team on that list that quickens your pulse, you may well not have a pulse.

What: Enemies in the North

Where: Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5NH (adjacent to Oxford St Station)

When: Saturday 30 March, 5-9.30pm


Hope to see you there!