Ryan is at the End of the World Party!? with Interrobang

January 8, 2017

At 7pm Saturday 21 January I’ll be reading at the End of the World Party with Interrobang. I’m reading alongside Andrew Blair and Laura Waddell, with your hosts Beth Cochrane, Ricky Brown and Jacques Tsiantar. It’s £5 on the door, hope to see you there.

Ready for the New World Order, President Donald J. Trump Style? We’re not. It’s Post-Trump-Inauguration Day and we’d like to commiserate with you. So come along to Interrobang’s fourth night of frivolity and fun, listen to some post-apocalyptic poetry, and get inordinately drunk with us.

Performing on this confusingly sad yet fragilely optimistic night, we have poetry from RYAN VAN WINKLE, ANDREW BLAIR, LAURA WADDELL and JACQUES TSIANTAR with his Big Two-Hander; specially themed with hopelessness and despair. Your Interrobang hosts, RICKY BROWN and BETH COCHRANE will also offer some words of condolence on the night. We promise you further line-up announcements in the coming days, too.

Fancy joining our performers on stage? We can accomodate you there. Drop us an email at [email protected].scot, and we’ll sort you out with an open mic slot (5-7 minutes of apocalyptic work). It’s a ton of fun, we promise!

Come mourn, laugh and drink with us, for a charmingly small door charge of £5 – a fee which goes into paying our performers and funding Interrobang’s future endeavours.

Who knows what 2017 will bring, so enjoy it while you can!

Ryan Guest Starring in Knife Whimsy

July 28, 2014

I’ll be doing a ten-minute guest spot with Ross McCleary, Andrew Blair and the aptly-named Knife Whimsy on Sunday 10 August! Comedy and poetry, huzzah!

Ryan goes Turbo with Valve Magazine

March 28, 2014

I’ll be reading with some fine folks who have had stuff published in Valve Journal, an excellent literary compendium. Come hang with us on Friday April 11 at The Poetry Club in Glasgow.

Your favourite literary journal (right?) is having a night of fun at The Poetry Club to celebrate all the good people we’ve come across since we began in 2011.

Rounding up some of our favourite writers published in Valve over the last three years, we’ll kick off with readings from some of Scotland’s most dazzling literary talent (and no, we’re not biased at all).

You’ll be treated to words in sentences from:

Moustache owner and mighty wordsmith RYAN VAN WINKLE

Paisley’s finest poet GRAHAM FULTON

MARY MCDONOUGH CLARK, surfer of emotions and ideas

Scottish Book Trust New Writer’s Award-winning LUCY RIBCHESTER, and

Ever-entertaining observer of geriatrics on public transport ANDREW BLAIR

After readings there will be some good old fashioned Valve fun then dancing ’til the wee hours with a DJ set.

Come and be merry with us.