Really pleased to announce that “The Grave-tender”, “Rose’s Funeral” and “Moths” have been published in the Squircle Line Press anthology Ars Moriendi: Writings on the Art of Dying. From the Squircle Line site:

“Death is a difficult thing. It speaks of morbid tragedy. Yet in understanding death as a phenomenon – a universal eventuality for all of us – we are moved to contemplate its presence. Its passing. Its importance. The very act of thinking about death becomes important, in and of itself. Beyond denial and taboo, there is a vast good that arrives with such coming to terms. There is great comfort in reflection, honesty, succour, and acceptance. This collection is an odic nod to the original Ars Moriendi, commemorating the 600th year of the Latin work, the first of its kind in western literature to provide guidance towards dying well. Written in the late Middle Ages, after the scourge of the Black Death, Ars Moriendi was also among the first books printed with movable type. In this limited edition anthology, writers from around the world contribute their ruminations on the matter of the good death. And indeed, aspiring towards the good life a priori – to attend to living well before leaving well.”