The Good Dark – Virtual Book Tour

May 12, 2015

Delighted to announce that my second collection, The Good Dark, published by the good folks at Penned in the Margins, will be going on a virtual book tour through poetry magazines and blogs over the next several weeks. My sincere thanks to those who are giving it room and board.

Also, if you’re on Periscope, please join me on my feed (@rvwable) at 23:55, 15 May, when I will be reading from The Good Dark in the good dark.

Here’s where you can find poems and fine things:

Penned in the Margins — 16 May

Scottish Poetry Library — 19 May

Inpress Books — 20 May

The Poetry School — 21 May

3am Magazine — 25 May

Sabotage Reviews — 29 May

Shakespeare & Company — 1 June

Scottish Book Trust — 2 June

The Ofi Press — 4 June

Missing Slate — 7 June

B O D Y Literature — 10 June

Ryan has Two Poems in B O D Y Magazine

October 22, 2014

Good news! My poems ‘Stocking’ and ‘Clair de Lune’ have been published in B O D Y. It is a great magazine and you should read it.

‘On Bob Hicok’s “Bottom of the Ocean”‘ in B O D Y

December 5, 2013

Some poems come along at the right time. They come along, strike and get stuck. There is no telling when this will happen. You flirt with good, well-meaning, perfectly suitable poems for years but never want to marry any of them. Like love, there is a certain amount of luck, a certain amount of gut. And like love, we know if it has happened once, it can happen again.’

My essay on Bob Hicok’s poem “Bottom of the Ocean” is published by B O D Y. If you’ve got a few minutes to let me tell you about an excellent piece of work, do give it a look.