My one-man poetry experiment Red, Like Our Room Used to Feel got even more generous reviews during its short run at the Battersea Arts Centre. Here’s further proof that people are lovely and say words about things. **** ‘There is something about curating a room and condensing an experience into a tight fifteen minutes that is like writing a poem, choosing a form and filling it with images. […] Red, Like Our Room Used To Feel offers a unique way of experiencing poetry, together with a unique perspective on another person’s life. I will certainly be going back to find out what’s in the other envelopes.’ – Becky Brewis ‘This is poetry made fluttering and ephemeral, rapidly dissipating into the warm air and attaching itself to objects and thoughts. Much of this is achieved by the gentle presence of Ryan himself, whose voice lulls and cradles, sending the mind on journeys. […] I was also struck by how the piece somehow manages to be both intensely personal and overwhelmingly generous. It is as though, by indulging in this space of imagination and memory, Ryan offers us the room – in more than one way – to traverse our own imaginings and reminiscences.’ – Catherine Love

The Stone and the Star: ‘It was all rather magical. I’m a bit at a loss as to how to describe it, especially without giving everything away, but even if I described it in minutest detail I couldn’t really convey the sense of comfort and nostalgia. It was certainly one of the most unique poetry experiences I have ever had, if not one of the most unique experiences full stop.’ – Clarissa Ackroyd

And keep your eyes open — the Red Room will be returning to London at the end of May as part of the London Literature Festival. Fingers crossed, I’ll see you there! For previous reviews click along here.