Additional Czech news: I’ll be performing at the Prague Book Fair on Friday 18 May, also in association with Literature Across Frontiers.

Prague Book Fair

2.00 p.m.–3.50 p.m.
Alexandra Büchler and Ryan van Winkle
Alexandra Büchler introduces the internet magazine ‘Transcript’ and video clips from a Literature Across Frontiers poetry project. Ryan van Winkle introduces a number of projects that present poetry over the Internet, including the Scottish/Arab poetry projects Reel Iraq and Reel Syria. • Interpreted: Czech, English.

Friday 18/5/2013, 18:00 hrs

Palace of Industry, Prague Exhibition Grounds (Holešovice), Poetry Room – Right Wing (Balcony, Right).

Ryan van Winkle, an american who lives in Edinburgh, is well known for his innovative approach to performing poetry using multimedia, new technologies and theatrical arrangements. He transforms  poetry into theatre using video clips, podcasts and other ways of communicating with the audience.
Interpreted: Czech, English

Literature Across Frontiers

Tuesday 14/5/2013, 20:00 hrs

Presented by Alexandra Büchler in Czech and English
Divus (South Wing), Bubenská 1, Praha 7
Literature Across Frontiers presents two poets from Britain known for taking innovative approaches to performing poetry using multimedia, new technology, and theatre settings. Zoë Skoulding’s performance features sound art and photographs by Alan Holmes, with recordings of her poetry in Czech translation. Ryan van Winkle, an American settled in Edinburgh, makes poetry into theatre and uses video clips, podcasts and other ways of communicating with audiences.

Hope to see you there!