Bookmarked is the Scottish Book Trust’s latest podcast, in which we bring you all the news from across Scotland that could be categorised under the heading ‘books’, lit in neon and intermittently flashing. We deal in interviews, readings, sneak previews and more books, dropping in the first week of every month.

On our maiden voyage you’ll find a behind-the-scenes tour of ‘GiftED‘, the Edinburgh book sculptures exhibition currently touring Scotland; a catch-up with Wigtown resident and author of the eagerly anticipated “Things You Need to Know About Rockets” and book lover, Jessica Fox; a taster of Book Week Scotland’s events programme and a quick-fire interview with author Jenni Fagan, who fills us in on her favourite books for people who are short on time. She doesn’t mention her own book, “The Panopticon“, but you should read that too. It is major.

We’re getting excited for the upcoming Book Week Scotland, running from 26 November – 2 December, a massive programme of free events going down all over Scotland, plus a fantastic collection of poems and stories called My Favourite Place, featuring new work from Liz Lochhead, Michael Palin(!) and Scots everywhere. Book Week Scotland is a humungous endeavour, is going to be a rollicking good time, and can’t wait to meet you. I’ll be at the Mitchell Library, Glasgow all day on 1 December. If you can’t go there — you might want to hear more about a great literary scavenger hunt happening in Edinburgh. Rachel McCrum, of Inky Fingers, tells us all about the Calloocallay Scavanger Hunt! (PRIZES!).

Give your ears a treat and catch up on all the great bookly things currently gracing our shores.

Produced by Colin Fraser  ::: Music by Ragland