Forest Publications — Ericka Duffy’s, “The Succubus”

April 1, 2009


The Succubus is a story set in Southern Ontario that follows a group of friends through small-town malaise and beyond, where they discover the ties that bind can easily unravel.

Available to buy from the Forest Café (3 Bristo Place) and Word Power Books (43-45 West Nicholson Street), and online at, all for a bargainous £2!

Here’s how it begins!

Annika absentmindedly inspects the tear in the center of the cushion. She trails her fingernails down it, feeling, abstractly, as though the vinyl is skin, and the sponge inside guts, when she notices a crumpled piece of paper wedged down the side of the booth. She pries it out. It resembles a white carnation before she smoothes the page against the tabletop.”

New Chapbook from Forest Publications

February 17, 2009


Now available for the £2 is the fine short story The Wolves by David Gow, the first in a series of chapbooks printed by Forest Publications.

Here’s a small sample of what you can expect:

“Arch couldn’t rest.

There was a wolf on the mountain that took his grouse and killed his deer and sometimes came down murderously amongst his farmer’s sheep. It was not a real wolf but an animal descended from the dogs  he’d turned out to die or go feral, so it was no mystery why it knew and despised him especially. He felt it was the opposite of a dog now, its attitude towards him something like the opposite of loyalty. At night he heard it howling through the wind while the rest of the valley slept. He’d lie there and tell himself he was lucky that all his torment was bound up in one living creature. How many could say that, and then set out in the morning with a gun to kill their troubles?”

Want to read more? Buy the book.

Product details

  • Pamphlet: 16 pages
  • Publisher: Forest Publications (18 Feb 2009)
  • ISBN-10: 095564562X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0955645624
  • Available: The Forest, Word Power Books &