Josh Wodak talks Art and Climate Change on the Culture Laser

February 17, 2014

Artist Josh Wodak discusses his various projects that concern themselves with climate change. “If you give people something that’s intangible like a graph on a page, it is kind of disembodied. But if you can give them something that they can really relate to, where they can see where a graph comes up to on their body, it’s a way of telling them that they are part of this, that they’re implicated, that they’re involved.” Josh discusses his involvement as an artist and as an activist and how he sees the ambiguities of art having a real role in getting people involved in the issues surrounding climate change. Check out Josh’s website. We also feature the track Red Dirt from Leah Senior. Culture Laser acknowledges the generous assistance of Creative Scotland.

A Platform for Paying Attention

December 6, 2013

Jim Poyser runs the world’s first entertainment show about our profound ecological challenges, the Ain’t Too Late Show. He talks about the importance of trying to get people thinking about the realities of climate change using humour, performance art and theatre and how he decided to get off the hope and despair rollercoaster and try to do something positive. We also feature the track Green Mountain Blues by Canyon Collected.