Ryan is one in 100 at Camaradefest

October 6, 2014

Really excited to be one of the hundred poets producing and reading work at the second edition of Camaradefest, the mass-collaboration project organised by our friend SJ Fowler. It’s happening on Saturday 25 October at the Rich Mix Centre down London Town, kicking off at 12noon and running into the wee hours. Tickets are free, hope to see you there.

There is nothing quite like Camaradefest. 100 poets come together in 50 pairs to premiere brand new collaborative pieces of innovative poetry.

Beginning at 12 noon and ending late into the night, Camaradefest evidences the endlessly exciting potential of collaboration in poetry and the true depth, width and brilliance of 21st century poetics. Expect no two works the same, and following on from the great success of the first fest last year, an unforgettable way to experience contemporary poetry.

Get a taste, view the videos from the first fest here:

What: Camaradefest II

When: Saturday 25 October, 12noon-late

Where: Rich Mix Arts Centre, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London.

How Much: FREE


The Point is You Give: Camaradefest on the Culture Laser

November 5, 2013

The Camaradefest was a unique one day explosion of dynamic collaboration in contemporary avant garde and literary poetics. 100 poets aligned in 50 pairs, each writing an original collaborative work, written specifically for the festival and premiered on the day. We feature 4 of the pairs – Marcus Slease & Claire Potter, Stephen Watts & Will Rowe, Julia Bird & Sarah Hesketh, Ghazal Mosadeq & Ricardo Marques – and discuss the thinking behind the process with SJ Fowler.

‘The ‘Burbs’ Published in SJ Fowler’s Enemies

November 4, 2013

The ‘Burbs is a collaboration with myself and SJ Fowler. He’s just released Enemies with Penned in the Margins — an entire collection of his collaborations and it is something special and unique to be a part of. You can buy a copy or check out our work on Commiserate, an ongoing collaboration project.

Ryan is Part of CamaradeFest

October 19, 2013

CamaradefestOn Saturday 26 October I’ll be back in London at the Rich Mix Arts Centre for CamaradeFest, an all-day poetry collaboration extravaganza. Hope you can join us!

The Camarade poetry festival is a unique and unforgettable one day explosion of dynamic collaboration in contemporary avant garde and literary poetics. 100 poets align in 50 pairs, each writing an original collaborative work, written specifically for the festival and premiered on the day. The 5th Camarade event, and the crescendo of the Enemies project’s first year, this ambitious exploration of the possibilities of collaboration in poetry will evidence the true width and depth of poetry that is happening now.

​​​​Kirsty Irving & Jon Stone
Ahren Warner & Mark Waldron
Stephen Connolly & Emily Hasler
Chris McCabe & Tom Jenks
Carol Watts & George Szirtes
David Berridge & Mary Paterson
Chrissy Williams & Nia Davies
Giles Goodland & Alistair Noon
Ben Stainton & Nathan Hamilton
Sophie Collins & Rachael Allen

Sam Riviere & Joe Dunthorne
Becky Cremin & Ryan Ormonde
Deborah Pearson & Tamarin Norwood
Andy Spragg & Joe Kennedy
Ollie Evans & Robert Kiely
Stephen Watts & Will Rowe
James Davies & Philip Terry
Sean Bonney & Nick-e Melville
Tim Atkins & Jessica Pujol I Duran
Oli Hazzard & Caleb Klaces

​Ryan Van Winkle & William Letford
Jeff Hilson & Fabian MacPherson
Robert Sheppard & Robert Hampson
Jack Underwood & Alex MacDonald
Ekaterina Paronian & Sophie Mayer
Sarah Crewe & Jo Langdon
Matt Dalby & Steven Waling
James Byrne & Sandeep Parmar
Joel Shea & Ricardo Marques
​Matthew Gregory & Robert Herbert

Nathan Jones & Sam Skinner
Sarah Kelly & Gabriele Lebanauskaite
Mendoza & Nat Raha
Rhy Trimble & Harry Gilonis
Pascal O’Laughlin & Scott Thurston
Marcus Slease & Claire Potter
Daniele Pantano & Nikolai Duffy
Holly Pester & Emma Bennett
​Tom Chivers &Amy Cutler
Marek Kazmierski &Wioletta Grzegorzewska

​​Joanna​ Rzadkowska & Kristen Kreider
Bea Colley & Francine Elena
Zoe Skoulding & Ondrej Buddeus
Christodoulos Makris &Kim Campanello
Reza Mohammedi & Ana Seferovic
​​Sophie Herxheimer &​​
Julia Bird & ​
​​​James Wilkes &
Ross Sutherland &

Gratitude too to the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and Arts Council England for making it possible, and the Rich Mix, as ever, for their generosity.

What: CamaradeFest

When: Saturday 26 October, 2pm-10pm

Where: Rich Mix Arts Centre, 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London, Greater London E1 6LA

How Much: FREE

Ryan Reads with SJ Fowler in the Enemies Project

June 27, 2013

3The next installment of the Enemies Project will be a two week exhibition of visual art & avant-garde poetry in collaboration at the Hardy Tree Gallery (119 Pancras Road, London, NW1 1UN) July 6th to 20th 2013, with the space open for viewing 12-6pm July 7, 11-14, 18-20, and featuring seven events over the fortnight.

I’ll reading from our ‘Suburbs’ sequence with SJ Fowler on the 18th in London as part of POW. POW is an excellent pamplet series, and Chrissy Williams’  Murder, She Wrote, a kind of dark love letter to Angela Lansbury, was one of my reading highlights of last year.

All the events are free, and it would be lovely to see you there. You can see a bit of the work SJ Fowler and I did on my Commiserate page.

Ryan makes Enemies in the North

March 28, 2013

This Saturday (30 March) I’ll be jaunting down the west coast to sunny Manchester to join SJ Fowler and his awesome collaboration project Enemies. From 5-9.30pm in the Annexe Room of the Cornerhouse, let us take you on a journey of original collaborations in poetry, sonic art and visual art, celebrating the resurgent energy of the northwest innovative poetry scene. Enemies in the North will also see the launch of “Gilles de Rais” (by David Kelly and SJ) and “The Estates of Westeros” (by Ben Morris and SJ), two books in boxes, published by Like This Press; also “Elephanche” (by Marcus Slease and SJ), a book of poemplays, published by Department Press. If you hadn’t noticed, SJ is a busy busy man.

The show will feature so many pairs of awesome creators. These pairs are: Zoe Skoulding & Robert Sheppard; Richard Barrett & Nathan Thompson; Sarah Crewe & Jo Langton; Michael Egan & Bobby Parker; Steven Waling & Matt Dalby; Adam Steiner & Eleanor Rees; Alec Newman & yours truly; James Byrne & Sandeep Parmar; SJ Fowler & Marcus Slease; Daniele Pantano & David Kelly; Tom Jenks & Chris McCabe & Ben Morris. If there isn’t a tag team on that list that quickens your pulse, you may well not have a pulse.

What: Enemies in the North

Where: Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5NH (adjacent to Oxford St Station)

When: Saturday 30 March, 5-9.30pm


Hope to see you there!

Ryan Goes to London to Make Some Enemies

January 28, 2013

SJ Fowler and his performing bears

On Saturday February 9 I’ll be joining our friends at the Rich Mix Arts Centre in London Town for the first event for avant garde poet SJ Fowler’s project Enemies. It’s a collaborative poetry project, a multidisciplinary programme of events, exhibitions and publications that takes a bonesaw to the skull of poetry and lets the butterflies out.

I’ll be joining some immensely talented writers, including Sidekick Books‘ Kirsty Irving with whom I collaborated, plus all of these literary chaps:

Chris McCabe & Tom Jenks
George Szirtes & Carol Watts
Peter Jaeger & Tim Atkins
James Wilkes & Christodoulos Makris
Stephen Emmerson & Lucy Harvest Clarke
Alex Niven & Joe Kennedy
Roddy Lumsden & Carrie Etter
Todd Swift & Paul Perry
Marek Kazmierski & Stephen Watts
Sophie Mayer & Astrid Alben
Holly Pester & Daniel Rourke
Tamarin Norwood & tba

I’m really looking forward to performing with these guys, it’s a super exciting opportunity to do something that’s a complete departure from the norm as far as poetry goes, it will make your weekend a thing of beauty. Hope to see you there!

What: Camarade IV presents Enemies

When: Saturday February 9, 7pm

Where: Rich Mix Arts Centre, Bethnal Green, London