Lahore 20.07.16-page-0The Skinny has published a preview of the upcoming Highlight Arts event, From Lewis to Lahore, at this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival. Poets from Scotland and Pakistan will be presenting their collaborations and translations, including Shazea Quraishi, Jim Carruth, Sara Kazmi, Ian Stephen, Mujahid Eshai and myself.

The readings will be in the Unbound Spiegeltent at 9pm, Sunday 21 August, and tickets are free.

In a recent collaborative project organised by Highlight Arts, poets from Pakistan and Scotland came together to create new poetry, stories and music in Glasgow and Lahore. Building on this exchange, the Edinburgh International Book Festival invited illustrators and storytellers from both countries to the Lahore Literary Festival in February of this year. Their tour and creative exchange continues for these special events, in which storytellers Shazea Quraishi and Ian Stephen and illustrators Mehreen Fatima and Kate Leiper are joined by musicians Sara Kasmi and Sarah Hayes to present the results of this collaboration.