The Naughty Boys are Back!!!

November 6, 2009

* computers vs drums vs loops vs spoken words *

nauty boyz

There’s  going to be a blow-out party and you know the Naughty Boys are always ready to blow. So, come drink and freak with us durring the legendary Forest Blender!

The Forest is Licensed for One Weekend Only.

Once a year the elusive and enigmatic Naughty Boys get together for a session of live, improvised, performance. Poems vs computers vs drums vs salvaged keyboards and whatever else we can find.

You will come.


* Dan Seizure on keys and computer loop. (
* Stevie Paterson on keys and percussion noises.
* Ryan Van Winkle — Spoken Words (

More information on Forest’s weekend of wild activities:

Autumn has come and the rainiest season is upon us. Help The Forest mending the roof before all of the lovely volunteers drown! The roofs needs fixey fixey, and therefore we throw a 4-day long mini festival!

We will open every day TILL 1am and we will be FULLY LICENSED.

All concerts are free!

From the 5th to the 8th November

Here is the smashing programme: blenderfinal_4 web


We have live bands in the Café all night:

Martin Boland & Mike Bennet – multitalented musicians

Devils & Medals – blues band

Sons of Fionn – an eight piece folk band (

Manje – Manje means now and now is the time for this tasty melting pot of world sounds (


The Forest presents Jiggery Fuckery in the Cafè. Jiggery Fuckery is one of the monthly parties at The Forest, and a fucking amazing one too!

In the Hall:

New Urban Frontier – Politically charged noise for the new generation (

White Heath – one of the best “alternative” acts in Scotland (

Fox Gang – add punked-up reggae and pop and Fox Gang is ready to rock! (

+ tba


In the Hall:

Amazing music in the Hall by The Bridge Rectifier – a collective of artists who produce original electronic dance music.  An unique opportunity to hear new live styles, the only rules being NO vinyl, cd or mp3! (

In the Café:

Witches revenge – raw angry punk girls

Plastick Fork  Night with

Naughty Boys – The elusive and enigmatic Naughty Boys get together for a session of live, improvised, performance. Poems vs computers vs drums vs salvaged keyboards and whatever else they can find.

Cosmic Dork

Lipsync For A Lullaby – (


In the Café:

Reggae Sunday – Reggae Sunday is back! Improvisatorial reggae that will make you move your feet!

Scottish Poetry Library at The Meadows Fest

June 4, 2009


Between The Forest / Police Box Stage and The Beer Tent we’ll have a Scottish Poetry Library Stall along with workshop space, a ‘zine stall and loads of brilliant live music from The Forest / Police Box Stage.

We’ve got two exciting poetic adventures for you to experience:

From 2pm on Saturday we’ve got a Poetry Postcard & Poster Making workshop.

* We’ll provide the words (a la magnetic poetry) and help you screen print your own original poetry poster or post card. Our Screen Printing Expert will be on hand to help you make everything look beautiful.


If you don’t feel like making your own poem some friends and I will be hanging out with copies of our favourite poems to pass on along with other free goodies. The people (and poems) will change so come early and come often.

Details of bands and DJs

Saturday 6th:

Noon – The Tuberians – a mystical journey of sound exploration from the undiscovered land of Tuberia.

12.45 – Hailey Beavis & The Byrons – a double threat of dazzling songwriting, punk fury and experimental pop.

1.45 – Ruby and The Emeralds – wrap your entire being within a cosmic layer of sassy mayhem.

2.30 – The Black Diamond Express – a rocking, hell-playing, old time string band.

3.15 – Meursault – starry-eyed electronica with cotton-picking wreaths of banjo plucks and ukulele strums.

4.15 – William Douglas and the Wheel – Punk Gospel with a twist of Rock ‘n’ Roll splendour.

5pm – Darkness – The Exploading DJ with bells, whistles, and Special Guests!

The Meadows Festival --- See You There

The Meadows Festival --- See You There!

Sunday 7th:

Noon – Chandra + The Forest Chior – The freelance folk adventurer starts the day with the blazing, amazing Forest Chior!

1pm – White Heath – a blend of space-rock and tribal noise.

2pm – Jesus H. Foxx – both modest and wrong.

3pm – FoxGang – wickedly satirical lyrics with an irresistible party vibe, that’ll flash to mid-July with only a tinge of sangria-soaked regret.

4pm – Punch and the Apostles – Wild, frenetic, yet underpinned by a probing sense of existential doubt.

5pm – Exhaustion – Jiggery Fuckery – Sun-soaked lashings of DJ juice!