Ryan Boots Creativity

November 12, 2013

Jacqueline Smith has interviewed a swathe of poets from around the Commonwealth at her [email protected] events, and now they are collected in one beautifully curated e-book published by The PotHole Press.

Inspiration From the Common Wealth of Writers to Boost Creativity draws together a series of interviews of writers which focused on aspects of crafting as well as inspirations and influences in their writing.

Jacqueline’s accompanying commentary frames the inspiring responses from the contributors which will encourage readers and writers to happily consider that there are actions we can take to boost our creativity when it seems to be waning.
The writers interviewed were Kei Miller from Jamaica, John Rice, Alan Riach, Brian Whittingham, Viv Gee, Anita Govan, Alan MacGillivray, Donny O’Rourke, and  Liz Niven, all from Scotland, Gerry Cambridge from England, Skye Loneragan from Australia, Gerrie Fellows from New Zealand,Ryan Van Winkle from the USA, and Tawona Sithole from Zimbabwe.
It’s available from Amazon, Kobo and Apple iBooks stores.

Podcast Bonanza!!!!

August 5, 2010

SPL Podcasts You May Have Missed

I’ve not updated you all on the last 6 podcasts or so not because I forgot, not because I think you don’t care, not because they aren’t any good — but because I was away from work for a while. So, here’s a list of the fine fine programmes you missed. Special thanks to Colin Fraser and Peggy Hughes of ANON for keeping these going and for doing some interviews for me. If anyone is curious about these and doesn’t know where to start — I highly recommend the amazing Kei Miller who has to stunning collections of poetry and a great novel under his belt. He is a beautiful man. It is a luxury to have him in your ears, I assure you. What are you waiting for? Catch up now!