The Golden Hour Returns

August 29, 2016

In which we make a fresh start. Featuring words, music, projections, snacks, boiler suits and dancing.
With: 2Man(l)yDJs, Jo Clifford, Ericka Duffy, ESBAT Collective, Far Yella, Vicki Feaver, James Iremonger, Lake Montgomery, Screen Bandita, Suited & Booted, JL Williams, Withered Hand.

Ryan with Rally & Broad in the Book Festival Spiegeltent

August 13, 2014

Delighted to be joining the genial hosts of Rally & Broad for the very last show of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. It’s the glorious return of the Ampersand Edition, in which poets and musicians are teamed up to make something new and glittering. There will be whisky, there will be gin, and even better, it is FREE ENTRY. It’s on Monday 25 August, 9pm, Charlotte Square. Do come and join us.

We’re the closing Unbound at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, and to celebrate we’re putting on one of our Ampersand Editions! 

We pure love oor Ampersand Editions, we do! Chucking two awesome acts together to create a set is one of our favourite things to do, to the extent that we’re actually doing it ourselves this time too! The collaborations are…

Don Paterson & Rachel Newton!

Ryan Van Winkle & Dan Willson ( Withered Hand)!

Rachel McCrum & A New International!

Jenny Lindsay & Lake Montgomery!

….. and Rally & Broad, of course….

It’s free and drop-in (arrive early to ensure entry!)

It’s also our last event til October…. Come gin with us! 🙂

Ryan Joins the Ampersand Edition of Rally and Broad at the Bongo Club

April 29, 2014

Very chuffed to be joining Lake Montgomery and a host of talented artists for Rally and Broad’s Ampersand Edition. There’ll be collaborations with singer-songwriters and poets, plus we’ll be back in the hallowed vaults of the Bongo Club, part of the Bongo Lives! celebrations. It’s this Friday 2 May, it’s five bucks, it’s tremendous art. Come join us!

A special edition Rally & Broad cabaret to celebrate Bongo Lives!

Mash-ups and collaborations from:

Ruth Mills & Gerry Campbell!

Award-winning dancer and choreographer Ruth Mills (Whatever Gets You Through The Night) teams up with Gerry Campbell (formerly Belle & Sebastian, BabyGod)

Ryan Van Winkle & Lake Montgomery!

Critically-acclaimed poet, Van Winkle teams up with the captivatingly soulful Lake Montgomery!

Snake-faced Jake & Lach!

Acoustic-punk meets Anti-Folk! Snake-faced Jake of Black Diamond Express teams up with the founder of Anti-Folk, Lach in what promises to be a strange and wonderful collaboration!

Rally & Broad is a highly acclaimed, much-vaunted lyrical cabaret, rapidly gaining notice for fun, engaging, interactive and inspiring literary-themed cabarets. R&B has run since October 2012 and has featured over 60 writers and poets, alongisde award winning musicians, theatre-makers and dance acts. Hosted by poets Jenny Lindsay & Rachel McCrum.

What: Rally & Broad Ampersand

Where: Bongo Club, 66 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JX

When: Friday 2 May, Doors 7pm

How Much: £5 (£4 advance)

Culture Laser live from The Edinburgh Fringe

September 12, 2013

We recorded our very first live episode back on Tuesday 6 August in the Gorilla Shop in Edinburgh. Featuring highlights from the event which includes Daniel Bye performing from his one-man show The Price of Everything and discussing it and How to Occupy an Oil Rig. We feature an excerpt from Chris Dobrowolski‘s surprisingly mechanical show – ‘All Roads Lead to Rome’. And the amazing Lake Montgomery tells us a French tale of woe and performs two of her fantastic tracks for us. Featuring The Last Minute Orchestra who are Danny Keys, Leon, Cammy Sinclair and Tommy Pickles. With thanks for sound recording to 12 Gates to the City. Photo by Chris Scott.

Culture Laser Live Show Tomorrow!

August 5, 2013

Very chuffed to announce that we’re making a live edition of the Multi-Coloured Culture Laser at Gorilla Studios THIS TUESDAY! We’re previewing some of the Fringe’s most exciting players plus live music and boozy chat.

Space is limited so if you want to be a part of our Live Studio Audience come a little early if you can!

You’ll see the laser-like brilliance of:

Daniel Bye: doing a bit from ‘The Price of Everything’ and teaching us ‘How to Occupy an Oil Rig’

Chris Dobrowolski: with an excerpt from his ‘hilarious & indescribable’ surprisingly mechanical show – ‘All Roads Lead to Rome’.

Lake Montgomery: writer song singer from Paris, Texas. A powerful favourite!

Plus: a live studio audience (be a part of it), talk-show couches and our own house-band.

What: Culture Laser Live!

Where: Gorilla Studios, 76-78 East Crosscauseway, Edinburgh

When: 8.15-9.30pm, Tuesday 6 August

How Much: FREE (Come early to grab your seat!)

Catch Up with the Culture Lasers

April 28, 2013

In case you’ve missed them in the past few weeks, here’s the most recent editions of the Culture Laser podcast for you listening pleasure. Brew up a steamy cuppa tea, put your feet up and enjoy!

Paper Trails with Mandy Haggith

I got rid of my printer a few weeks ago because I’d stopped using it. So is everyone reducing the amount of paper they use? Considering the sheer volume of my literary output, I obviously have a very special relationship with paper, and so I was fascinated to sit down to talk with activist and writer Mandy Haggith, author of Paper Trails: From Trees to Trash – the True Cost of Paper, a book about where all the paper we use comes from. She shares a number of alarming statistics- including the fact that catalogue retailer Argos used to be responsible for 1 per cent of the UK’s total consumption of paper. We also feature the track ‘Ghosts’ from Hiva Oa.

Elena Alexieva

During a recent trip to Sofia, Bulgaria for Literature Across Frontiers, I put out a call for interesting people to meet and was put in touch with the Bulgarian writer Elena Alexieva. Although initially described to me as a crime writer, I soon discovered she was much more than that. I also caught up with poet and translator Ivan Hristov while he was in Sofia and we feature one of his songs, Rado Fair Rado.

Richard Holloway

Art can change lives, change societies and start revolutions. So we find out on this week’s episode featuring broadcaster and writer Richard Holloway, chairman of Sistema Scotland, a charity set up in the belief that children can gain huge social benefits by playing in a symphony orchestra. Richard also discusses his work with LGBT Youth Scotland and some of the reasons why he stepped down as Bishop of Edinburgh. We also feature a poem from Jacob Sam-La Rose (@jsamlarose) about young people describing their own lives in a poetic way. And we squeeze in the fantastic track ‘I Believe’ from Edinburgh based singer Lake Montgomery.

Full and Heavily Edited Footage of the Golden Hour Tour

January 27, 2013

Introducing – The Golden Hour

Back in October we hit the road in the Gorilla Perfumes tour bus and made beautiful music and words happen all over the UK’s favourite cities. We furthermore cannot be held accountable for the brief and slight olfactory improvements made in those cities. It was an incredible ride, and for those of you who missed us we present a brief video journey across the island. All the films were done by Luke Flemming on our Golden Hour ‘Infused & Bemused Tour’.

Golden Hour – Manchester – Billy Liar

Golden Hour – London – Robin Grey and Collisions Dance

Golden Hour – Edinburgh – Inspace

Golden Hour – Leeds – Robin Grey and Collisions Dance

Golden Hour – Oxford – Garance Lewis

Golden Hour – Sheffield – Hailey Beavis

Golden Hour – Brighton – Hannah Moulette / Ruth Skipper

Golden Hour – Stirling – Andy McKay

Golden Hour – Newcastle – Billy Liar and Ryan Van Winkle

Golden Hour – Stirling – Lake Montgomery