Scottish Poetry Library Podcast: Ryan’s Last Cut

May 11, 2015

For seven years Colin Fraser and I have been making the Scottish Poetry Library podcast. In that time I’ve had the opportunity to interview over 100 poets, many of whom you’ll know. In this, our final episode, we look back at some of my favourite moments. In this very special episode, you’ll hear candid clips, bemused moments, revelations and advice from some of the world’s most talented and generous poets. My sincere thanks to everyone who has allowed me to talk with them over the years and we wish Jennifer Williams and Colin Waters the best in helming the SPL podcast from here.

Featuring: Robert Pinsky, Caroline Bird, Sarah Broom, Owen Sheers, Jed Milroy, Matthew Zapruder, Jane Hirshfield, Golan Haji, Sabreen Khadim, Krystelle Bamford, John Glenday, Mark Doty, Paula Meehan, Adam Zagajewski and Mary Ruefle.

And if you want to continue listening to the podcasts Colin & I make, you can find all sorts of conversations on our Culture Laser podcast including favourites like this conversation with the playwright Jo Clifford.

If you enjoyed our final episode or want to share your favourite memories from our SPL podcast you can tweet to [email protected] or just drop me a line. We’d love to hear what were your favourite poetry podcast conversations.

Ryan in the American Poetry Review

July 4, 2013

Three of my poems have been published in the latest issue of the American Poetry Review. I’ve loved this magazine since I was an undergrad and it is a special treat to appear in ┬áthe same issue as Mary Ruefle and Tomas Transtromer — both legends, heroes, and influences. A subscription is highly recommend — each issue is a rewarding read of the known & unknown and shines a light on some of the best, most interesting work happening in contemporary poetry.
If you don’t fancy a subscription, you can read ‘Epicine’ as published on the Poetry Daily site. The other two poems ‘Summer Nights, Walking’ & ‘Untitled (Lincoln)’ are currently only available in the print magazine. Which I wholly encourage you to get a copy of.

Ryan Chats With Mary Ruefle on the Prarie Schooner

April 9, 2013

Today I’ve got some great news for all y’all who’ve been following our podcasts! The World Wide Poetry Studio is my new blog series for the Prairie Schooner magazine. In it, we’ll be featuring some of my favourite and most interesting poets in conversation from around the world. The first installment features one of my true literary loves, the brilliant poet, critic, and artist Mary Ruefle. Follow the link to visit the Prairie Schooner and to see how Mary ‘recognises the knock.’ There will be more of these throughout the year.