This Friday artist Michelle Elrick will be in The Forest Café with “Notes from the Fort”, a series of performance installations that create intimate places in unfamiliar environments through the play act of fort building. Using only existing structures and a suitcase full of hand-crafted materials, each fort is constructed, inhabited, noted and dismantled in a live poetic document of sense of place and the origins of home.

She will be double-billing with Viewmaster, myself and Dan Gorman’s poetic slideshow for your eyes and ears only. You choose the journey and we will bring you on a sometimes surprising, sometime surreal, tour accompanied by the ambient sounds of the man they call Dan. Performances are one-to-one-to-Viewmaster, and last under 10 minutes. A rare chance to travel, listen and pause in one beautiful space.

What: Notes From the Fort / Viewmaster

Where: The Forest Café, 141 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh

When: 10 May, 8pm

How Much: FREE