Ryan is one of three Naughty Boys

August 11, 2013

_nautyHorrible news! Dan Gorman, Stevie Patterson and myself are back in action as The Naughty Boys, the famous and very serious music and poetry trio, coming to the basement of the Forest Café this Friday night, 16 August, kicking off at the very naughty time of 11pm.

The Naughty Boys are:  *DanGorman on keys and computer loop. * Stevie Paterson on keys and percussion noises. * Ryan Van Winkle — Spoken Words.

What: Naughty Boys is REAL

Where: Forest Down, Forest Café, 141 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh

When: 11pm, Friday 16 August

How Much: FREE.

Finally, Edinburgh is Ready for…

July 31, 2009

The Naughty Boys!

August 4th

The Forest, 3 Bristo Place, Edinburgh



The Forest is Licensced for August. Come drink with the boys!


Once a year the elusive and enigmatic Naughty Boys get together for a session of live, improvised, performance. Poems vs computers vs drums vs salvaged keyboards and whatever else we can find.

You will come.


* Dan Seizure on keys and computer loop.
* Peter Perfido on drums.
* Stevie Paterson on keys and percussion noises.
* Ryan Van Winkle — Spoken Words