Very pleased to announce I’ll be doing some online teaching through the Poetry School, taking a course titled ‘Write What You Don’t Know: Research, Writing and the Apparently Confessional‘. The course is five fortnightly online chat sessions every Friday at 7pm, if that sounds like your kind of thing please do sign up! Here’s the blurb:

It is a common misconception that poets write autobiographical works which centre solely on their own experiences. In this course we aim to challenge that notion and will work on writing poetry through research, quotation and character. The course will involve a wide-range of assignments asking students to research science, history, political events, and even to imagine a distant future. We will attempt to write about countries we’ve never been to, wars we’ve never experienced, theories we don’t understand, disasters we had no part in and photos in which our faces don’t appear. The course will use journalism, photographs, streaming audio and video to offer a broad range of inspiration and source material.

CAMPUS group:

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