Hayden Carruth and Raymond Carver

May 10, 2010

I admit, I found this hard to watch, Carruth seems frail and has to pause a lot. The last time I saw Hayden Carruth, he was able to stand by himself and we were both younger. But that goes without saying, I suppose, everything that has happened, happened when we were younger. Anyway, it was great to find this poem from one of my favourite writers about one of my favourite writers. I went looking for this because the American Poetry Review had a great Carruth supplement recently and I realized I hadn’t heard his voice since I was a teenager. So, it was a pleasure to find this and, you know, to learn that Carver was clumsy. Thanks youtubes! If you are looking for a great book of poems — I suggest “Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey” it remains on for my all-time favourites and I am sure most will fall into it with similar affection.


Ryan to Speak at Cambridge University – June 19.

June 17, 2009

America Week at Cambridge University: Will there be hotdogs?

America Week at Cambridge University: Will there be hotdogs?

I’ve been invited to speak at an event at Cambridge University. The event, I Hear America singing: an American Poetic Revue, is part of America Week at Clare Hall and features myself and the poet Tamar Yoseloff talking about and reading works from some of our favourite contemporary American poets. There will also be free American Wine!(But will there be hot dogs?)

The Event is Friday June 19th and starts at 8pm.

For those interested but unable to make it here is the list of poets & poems ‘ll be talking about. Most of these poems / poets can be found at the Scottish Poetry Library. Do come see me at my office hours on July 7th from 4 – 6pm if you want to find out more about the following poets / poems.

Here they are in no particular order:

* Marita Garin, Huskies

* Charles Bukowski, Trouble

* Etheridge Knight, Feeling Fucked Up (from his selected works)

* Robert Pinsky, The Want Bone

* CK Williams, Insight (from The Forward Book of Poetry 1998)

* Mark Doty, Where You Are (from Sweet Machine)

* Tom Sleigh, Newsreel (from Far Side of the Earth)

* Michael Burkard, Tooth (from Unsleeping)

* Wendell Berry, The Inlet (from Given)

*Joy Harjo, We Must Call A Meeting (from In Mad Love and War)

* Cornelius Eady, I Know (I’m Losing You)(from You Don’t Miss Your Water)

* Raymond Carver, Locking Yourself Out, Then Trying to Get Back In (from All of Us)

* Sharon Olds, The Glass, (from The Father)

* Hayden Carruth, The Quality of Wine (from Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey)