Coates on Donne

October 23, 2009

Dave “Milk Trombone” Coates shares his thoughts on John “The Bronze Seagull” Donne. Coates examines ‘To Mr Tilman after he had taken orders’ with characteristic wit and a threadbare honesty which brings the Donne’s poem to life. Read it here – at the Scottish Poetry Library Reading Room. Enjoy.

Grant Campbell on ‘Your thin shoulders’…

August 31, 2009

Our friend, the bass-wizard from the darkly poetic band, “St. Jude’s Infirmary” , discusses an amazing Osip Mandelstam poem. It’s a beautiful poem, read it and Grant’s thoughts about it on the SPL’s Reading Room site. And watch out for our up-coming podcast featuring St. Jude’s.

St. Jude’s Infirmary have an epic new album titled “This Has Been the Death of Us.” It is quite a treat and an instant contender for my yearly top-ten list. You can buy it here.

And here is a video of the band in action at the National Portrait Galley. If you watch the whole thing, you’ll hear my name mentioned. As it was in the blog Terrible Love Songs.Why? Because the band kindly invited me to read poems between the songs. I think it worked, hopefully, we’ll find that footage on the internet soon and I’ll post some audio of our collaboration soon.